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12 Health Benefits of Millet

Bringing back millets - the super crop of our ancestors

City-based millet incubator to be boon for farmers, entrepreneurs

How Karnataka is transforming state’s humble and traditional food into an urban delight
6 reasons to eat Millets everyday

An overview of millet processing

A little more detailed overview of millet processing

A summary of the small millet processing material flow diagram

Getting to know : (Size) Grader

Getting to know Destoner or Density Grader

Getting to know : Huller or dehusking machine

Millets can work magic on diabetes: Study

Start-up’s big hit: ‘Kiru’ cookies

A Forgotten Group Of Grains Might Help Indian Farmers – And Improve Diets, Too

Small grains make it big

They will run 13 miles in 13 cities over 13 days to promote millets

Millets : Amazing food grains
The 5th National Convention on Millets was held on November 29-30, 2016 at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library(NMML) at Teen Murthi Bhavan
Be ready to grow climate smart crops: Swaminathan

The Case for Millets : Despite Calls by Scientists and Activists, the course Grain remains unavailable under PDS
Is sorghum the new quinoa? Meet the trendy super grain you need to try

Drought-hit Karnataka gives demand-push to millets

Effect of sorghum consumption on health outcomes: a systematic review

Millets Are An Important Source of Nutrition: Experts

Millet May Be the Next Super Grain

Farmers and consumers may have caused the Cauvery crisis: will there be Millet Revival?

Millet revolution begins churning in TN

Rediscovering forgotten flavors

A Superfood Kind of Navratri: Day 2 - Cooking With Samai (Little Millet)

Foxtail Millet Porridge

Kodo Millet Burger

Cooking Tips 101: How to Use Bajra to Make More Than Rotis

Cooking Tips 101: Delicious Ways to Use Jowar Flour

Cooking Tips 101: How to Use Ragi Flour Like Never Before

7 Best Ragi Recipes

Grains are Great but Should You Mix Them?

The seeds have been sown for a millet revolution

Winning the battle against hunger, silently

Creamy Millet Milk in a Rice Cooker
Simple quality tests for Small Millet Rice

The sorghum effect: increasing income and opportunity for farmers in Kenya
Recipes in Kannada

A millets revival could solve India’s malnutrition problem
Include millets in regular diet, say experts
Sorghum and millets in human nutrition
Millets: Future of Food and Farming
Processing and Technology for Millet Based Food Products: A Review
Millet Nutrition, Benefits & Uses: Your Guide to this No-Gluten, High Vitamin B & High Calcium Grain-like Seed
A Millets Revival Could Solve India’s Malnutrition Problem, Benefit Farmers
Reviving millets could solve India's malnutrition problem, benefit farmers (Special to IANS)
Consider millets in PDS: Maneka Gandhi writes to Ram Vilas Paswan
Magic Millets: Stop fretting over quinoa and switch to millets. They make for a healthier and cost-effective option
They chose millets to avoid a millstone
Mission millets
MILLETS-Healthy, gluten-free, responsible eating
No quinoa for me, thanks!
Millet Recipes
Millet Miracle
FAQ | Millets
Magic of Millets – Article in Deccan Herald
Millets need a comeback for a more sustainable Indian …
Millets based processed foods
The ancient, climate-smart millet is back on our plates: Comeback Cereal
Minor millets in South Asia
Sorghum Is the New Quinoa! 3 Top Chefs Share Their Most Mouthwatering Recipes
Cook with sorghum to add simple goodness to your meals
Whole Grain Primer: 5 Ways to Use Sorghum This Summer

Ragi, millets are most nutritious: Experts
Health Benefits of Millet (A Gluten-Free Grain from India)


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