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Statement of the categories of documents that are held by the authorities and / or under their control

  1. Documents relating to service matters
  2. Documents relating to general administration
  3. Documents relating to vigilance/disciplinary/legal cases
  4. Documents relating to recruitment, assessments and promotions of staff
  5. Documents relating to purchases, stores and issue
  6. Documents relating to payments
  7. Documents relating to construction and maintenance works (Civil, Electrical & Mechanical)
  8. Documents relating to sponsored and consultancy projects
  9. EFC
  10. Vision 2030
  11. Annual Reports
  12. Public Consultation
  13. Arrangements for public consultation
  14. Service books
  15. Purchase related documents
  16. Copies of all administrative orders
  17. RAC proceedings
  18. SRC proceedings
  19. IMC proceedings
  20. Technical bulletins
  21. Extension literature

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