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Dr. Aruna C

Discipline: Plant Breeding | Designation: Principal Scientist | At IIMR Since: 1993


Academic Qualifications

Degree Institute / University Year of completion Subject(s) with major field
Ph D Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 1994 Genetics
M.Sc. (Ag) Agricultural College, Bapatla 1989 Genetics & Plant Breeding
B.Sc. (Ag) Agricultural College, Bapatla 1982 Agricultural Sciences

Employment Record & Experience (Starting from the present position)

Designation Organization Institution & place of posting Period
(years, months)
Principal Scientist ICAR IIMR, Hyderabad 2009- till date  
Senior Scientist ICAR DSR, Hyderabad 2001-2009 9 yrs
Scientist ICAR DSR, Hyderabad 1992-2001 9 yrs

Current responsibilities:

  • Developing improved parental lines for producing high yielding kharif grain sorghum hybrids
  • Developing high yielding kharif hybrids and varieties with improved quality and grain mould resistance
  • Co-ordination of forage sorghum research under AICSIP
  • Nodal officer for RFD and IPR

Recent major contributions:

  • Developed high yielding kharif hybrids such as CSH16 (released for all India cultivation), CSH 27 for Zone I and CSH 30 for Zone II.
  • Developed improved genetic stocks / male sterile lines /restorers with resistance to various pests and diseases of kharif. Fifteen such male sterile lines with improved yield, stover quality and sweetness were registered with NBPGR.
  • Developed kharif restorers improved for different traits, such as grain yield, stover quality and stem sweetness.
  • Registered two shoot fly resistant lines, NRCSFR 06-1 (INGR 09088) and NRCSFR 07-5 (INGR 15006)  with NBPGR, and identified 25 QTLs for shoot fly resistance traits (five each for leaf glossiness and seedling vigor, 10 for deadhearts, two for adaxial trichome density and three for abaxial trichome density) in the RIL population, 27B x IS2122,

Recent awards and recognitions:

  • Awarded NUFFIC fellowship by Wageningen University, the Netherlands
  • Recognised as supervisor for doctoral research leading to Ph.D under the Department of Genetics, Osmania University, Hyderabad

Current collaborative activities:

  • Collaboration with AICSIP centres

Recent most significant publications:

  • Aruna C., S. Audilakshmi and JV Patil. 2016. Improved sorghum restorers for diverse uses. Indian Journal of plant genetic resources. 29 (1): 1-7. DOI 10.5958/0976-1926.2016.00001.2
  • Aruna C., M. Swarnalatha, P. Praveen Kumar, V. Devender, M. Suguna, M. Blummel and JV Patil. 2015. Genetic options for improving fodder yield and quality in forage sorghum. Tropical grasslands: 3. 49-58.
  • Aruna C, S. Rakshit, P.K. Shrotria, S.K.P. Shiva Kumar, N.D. Modi, D.T. Deshmukh, R.Kapoor and J.V. Patil (2016). Assessing genotype-by-environment interactions and trait associations in forage sorghum using GGE biplot analysis. J. Agricultural Sciences 154 (1),73-86. doi:10.1017/S0021859615000106
  • Aruna C., AR Priya, CN Neeraja, JV Patil and KBRS Visarada. 2012. Diversity analysis using ISSR markers for resistance to shoot pests in sorghum. Crop Protection. 35: 110-117.
  • Aruna C., VR Bhagwat, R Madhusudhana, Vittal Sharma, T. Hussain, RB Ghorade, HG Khandalkar, S Audilakshmi and N Seetharama. 2011. Identification and validation of genomic regions that affect shoot fly resistance in sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench]. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 122. 1617-1630. DOI 10.1007/s00122-011-1559-y.
  • Aruna C., VR Bhagwat, Vittal Sharma, T. Hussain, RB Ghorade, HG Khandalkar, S Audilakshmi and N Seetharama. 2011. Genotype x environment interactions for shoot fly resistance in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor(L.) Moench): response of recombinant inbred lines. Crop Protection: 30. 623-630. doi:10.1016/j.cropro.2011.02.007
  • Aruna C., S. Audilakshmi and D. Chandrasekara Reddy. 2010. Evaluation of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) germplasm lines for their yield components. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 80 (5): 409-412.
  • Aruna C. and P.G. Padmaja. 2009. Evaluation of genetic potential of shoot fly resistant sources in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.)). Journal of Agricultural sciences, Cambridge University Press. 147: 71-80.

Other professional activities

  • Member, Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding, New Delhi
  • Member, Society for Millet Research, Hyderabad

Certified that above facts are correct and I have repeatedly edited and verified to my full satisfaction.

Dr. Aruna C

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