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Dr. PG Padmaja

Discipline: Agrl. Entomology | Designation: Principal Scientist | At IIMR Since: 1998

Email:  |  Mobile: 09963101952

Academic Qualifications

Degree Institute/ University Year of completion Subject(s) with major field
Ph. D (Agril Ento) Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi 1998 Agricultural Entomology
(Insect Physiology)
M. Sc. (Ag.)

Agricultural College, Tirupati

Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University
1992 Agricultural Entomology
B. Sc. (Ag)

Agricultural College, Tirupati

Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University
1990 Agricultural Sciences

Employment Record & Experience (Starting from the present position)

Designation Organization Institution & place of posting Period
(years, months)
Principal Scientist ICAR ICAR-Indian Insititute of Millests Research 5-1-2013 to till date  
Senior Scientist ICAR Directorate of Sorghum Research, Hyderabad 5-1-2007 to 4-1-2013 6 years
Scientist (Sr.scale) ICAR Directorate of Sorghum Research, Hyderabad 5-1-2003 to 4-1-2007 4years
Scientist ICAR Directorate of Sorghum Research, Hyderabad 5-1-1998 to 4-1-2003 5years

Current responsibilities:

  • Chemical ecology of host location in insects
  • Host preference of Atherigona spp across millets
  • Identification of Kharif grain, sweet and high biomass sorghums resistant to shoot pests
  • Stored grain pest management
  • Guidance for doctoral students

Recent 3 major contributions:

  • Identified herbivore induced defense volatiles in sorghum
  • Developed a new technique based on plant volatiles for studying host selection behaviour by shoot fly and stemborer in sorghum
  • Identified a Bt transgenic event with Cry1B gene resistant to stemborer
  • Registered one germplasm and two shoot fly resistant lines with NBPGR

Recent awards and recognitions:

  • Rothamsted International Fellow, UK
  • NUFFIC fellowship by Wageningen University, the Netherlands
  • Fellow of Plant Protection Association of India
  • Recognized by Osmania University as guide for Ph. D. students in Genetics

Current collaborative activities:

  • Nil

Recent most significant publications:

  • Padmaja, P.G., Shwetha, B.L., Swetha, G. and Patil, J.V. 2014. Oxidative enzyme changes in sorghum infested by the sorghum shoot fly, Atherigona soccata. Journal of Insect Science 14 (1) : 193
  • Shyam Prasad, G., Srinivasa Babu, K., Sridhar, M., Padmaja, P.G. Subbarayudu, B., Kalaisekar, A. and Patil, J.V. 2015. Resistance in sorghum to Sitophilus oryzae (L.) and its association with grain parameters, Phytoparasitica 43 (3) : 391-399.
  • Visarada , K.B.R.S., Padmaja, P.G.,  Saikishore, N., Pashupatinath , Royer , M., N. Seetharama, N. and J. V. Patil 2014. Production and evaluation of transgenic sorghum for resistance to stem borer. In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol.- Plant  50:176–189
  • Kalaisekar, A., Patil1, J.V., Shyam Prasad, G., Bhagwat, V.R., Padmaja, P.G., Subbarayudu, B., Srinivasa Babu and Zeenat Rahman. 2013. Time-lapse tracing of biological events in an endophytic schizophoran fly, Atherigona soccata Rondani (Diptera: Muscidae). Current Science 105 (5) 10 September 2013.
  • Padmaja, P.G., Aruna, C. and Patil, J.V. 2012. Evidence of genetic transmission of antibiosis and antixenosis resistance of sorghum to the spotted stemborer, Chilo partellus (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Crop Protection 31:21-26.
  • Satish, K., Madhusudhana, R., Padmaja, P.G., Seetharama, N. and Patil, J.V. 2012. Development, genetic mapping of candidate gene-based markers and their significant association with the shoot fly resistance quantitative trait loci in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench). Molecular Breeding 30:1573–1591.
  • Umakanth, A.V., Padmaja, P.G., Ashok Kumar, J. and Patil, J.V. 2012. Influence of types of sterile cytoplasm on the resistance to sorghum shoot fly (Atherigona soccata). Plant Breeding 131, 94-99.
  • Padmaja, P.G. Christine M. Woodcock and Toby J. A. Bruce. 2010. Electrophysiological and behavioral responses of sorghum shoot fly, Atherigona soccata, to sorghum volatiles. Journal of Chemical Ecology 36 (12): 1346-53.
  • Satish, K., Srinivas, G., Madhusudhana, R., Padmaja, P.G., Murali Mohan, Nagaraja Reddy and Seetharama, N. 2009. Identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL) for resistance to shoot fly in sorghum (Sorghum bicolour (L.)  Moench). Theoretical and Applied Genetics 119: 1425-1439.

Other professional activities

  • Life Member, Plant Protection Association of India
  • Life Member, Entomological Society of India
  • Life Member, Society for Millet Research, Hyderabad

Certified that above facts are correct and I have repeatedly edited and verified to my full satisfaction.

Dr. PG Padmaja

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