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Dr. Venkatesh Bhat

Discipline: Genetics & Cytogenetics | Designation: Principal Scientist | At DSR Since: 2005


Academic Qualifications

Current responsibilities:

  • Principal investigator of the projects on
    (a) Developing low-HCN accumulating forage sorghum using antisense approach
    (b) Induction of apomixis in sorghum by regulation of SERK gene in ovules
    (c) Identification of QTLs for the genetic improvement of stover quality and resistance to foliar diseases in dual purpose sorghum and
    (d) Development of improved hybrid parents for forage and sweet sorghum
  • Editor- Jowar Samachar Newsletter

Recent 3 major contributions:

  • Optimization of Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation of sorghum and development of Bt transgenic sorghum
  • Development of anti-sense transgenics for producing low-HCN sorghum forage
  • One sweet sorghum variety identified for release

Recent awards and recognitions:

  • Received the best poster award as a co-author of the paper "New Initiatives for Improvement of Dual Purpose and Forage Sorghum" at the National Symposium on Advances in Forage Research and Sustainable Animal Production organized by The Indian Society of Forage Research, Hisar, during August 2005.
  • Best Annual report award (2005-06) received for the Annual Report of NRCS [as Senior Editor], conferred upon by ICAR.
  • Won a project on Induction of apomixis in sorghum by down-regulation of SERK gene in the ovules from National Fund for Basic and Strategic Research in Agriculture in a competitive mode (2007)

Current collaborative activities:

  • Apomixis research in sorghum: CCMB, Hyderabad & Delhi University
  • Forage sorghum improvement: ILRI, Patancheru and IGFRI, Jhansi

Relevant experiences:

  • Genetic transformation of sorghum, forage grasses and lucerne
  • Identification and genetic manipulation of apomixis in forage grasses
  • Forage and sweet sorghum improvement and markers for forage quality
  • Gene isolation making constructs for transformation

Recent most significant publications:

Journal papers

  • Srinivas, G., Satish, K., Mohan, S.M., Reddy, R.N., Madhusudhana, R., Balakrishna, D. Bhat B.V., Howarth, C.J. and Seetharama, N. (2008) Targeted mapping of EST-SSRs and identification of candidate genes for staygreen QTLs in sorghum using synteny with rice. Theor. Appl. Genet. 117:283-296.
  • Dwivedi, K.K., Bhat, S.R., Bhat, V., Bhat, B.V. and Gupta, M.G. (2007) Identification of a SCAR marker linked to apomixis in buffelgrass (Cenchrus ciliaris L.). Plant Science 172: 788-795.
  • Girijashankar V, Sharma HC, Sharma KK, Swathisree V, Sivarama Prasad L, Bhat BV, Royer M, Secundo BS, Narasu ML, Altosaar I and Seetharama N (2005) Development of Transgenic Sorghum for Insect Resistance against the Spotted Stem Borer (Chilo partellus) Plant Cell Reports 24(9): 513-522.

Conference papers:

  • Pandey, AK, Ramya S, Madhu P, Bhat BV, Bhat V and Seetharama N (2008) Somatic embryogenesis receptor kinase genes in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) Poster presented at the National symposium on New Biology in Agriculture held during 7-8 November, 2008 at Panjab University, Chandigarh. Abstract page no. 4.
  • Bhat BV, Pandey, AK, Ramya S, Pushpa K, Balakrishna D and N Seetharama (2009) CYP79A1 antisense gene for reducing HCN toxicity in Forage Sorghum. National symposium on "Emerging Trends in Forage Research and Livestock Production” organized by Society for Forage Research during February 16-17, 2009 at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
  • >Bhat BV, Pandey AK, Kumar S, Gupta MG and Seetharama N (2007) Genetic transformation of sorghum for reduced dhurrin content. In: Plant Biotechnology: New Frontiers (eds. Kukreja AK, Mathur AK, Banerjee S, Mathur A, Sharma A and Khanuja SPS) Proceedings of National Symposium on Plant Biotechnology: New Frontiers (2005), CIMAP, Lucknow. pp. 527-532. (ISBN 81-86943-05-6)

Book chapters

  • Bhat BV (2008) Genetic improvement of forage sorghum. In: Sorghum Improvement in the new Millennium (eds. BVS Reddy, S Ramesh, AA Kumar and CLL Gowda). ICRISAT-NRCS, Hyderabad pp. 124-131. (ISBN 978-92-9066-512-0)
  • Bhat BV, Madhusudhana R, Balakrishna D, Satish K, Srinivas G, Reddy RN, Mohan SM, Paramesh H and Seetharama N (2006). Molecular marker-aided approaches for improvement of millets. In: Strategies for Millets Development and Utilization (eds. N Seetharama and VA Tonapi). Society for Millets Research. NRCS, Hyderabad. pp. 153-168. (ISBN 81-89335-12-X)
  • Sai Kishore N, B Ramana Kumari, D Bala Krishna, SV Rao, B Venkatesh Bhat N Seetharama and KBRS Visarada. (2005) Constraints and relevant strategies in genetic transformation of sorghum. In: Plant Biotechnology & Its Applications in Tissue Culture (ed by A. Kumar, S Roy and S.K. Sopory). I.K. International Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi. pp 46-53.

Certified that above facts are correct and I have repeatedly edited and verified to my full satisfaction.

Dr. Venkatesh Bhat

Last Updated on 25th November 2009

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