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Pamplets in Kannada
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Army worm
State specific strategies for Doubling farmers Income - 2022 
Latest Millet Production and Processing Technologies
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Kharif agro-advisory for farmers
Improved Millets Production Technologies and their Impact
Growing popularity of Sorghum in Rice fallows - An IIMR Case Study
Sorghum Production Technology in Kannada
Recommended package of practices - Kharif Rabi
Kharif jwaar utpaadan kee unnath proudyogikiya - Hindi Book
Rabi jwaar kee unnath utpaadan takneek - Hindi Book
Kharip jwaree lagwadeeche sudhareeth tantragyan - Marathi Book
Rabi jwaareechya adhik utpaadanaakareetha sudhareeth tantragyan - Marathi Book
Transfer of Sorghum Technology - Success stories*
Sorghum Cultivation: A compendium of Improved Technologies*
Technology capsule for sorghum cultivation in rice-fallows
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Kharif sorghum technical bulletin 2011-12
Jawari lagvadiche sudharit tantradyan Marathi Booklet
Rabi jwaar utpaadan ki unnat takneek Hindi Booklet
Jawariche ruchakar padartha Marathi Booklet
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