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'Adopt millets, protect marginal farmers': PM Modi's 10-point call to action at G7 summit
Dhinki delight in Odisha: Bringing back hand-pounded ragi
Can agricultural value chains resolve the agrarian crisis and build just rural futures?
Napier grass: A game-changer in bio-CNG production
Potential of underutilized crops to introduce the nutritional diversity and achieve zero hunger
Bringing Millets Back To Our Plates
World should prepare for El Nino: WMO
UP May Soon Serve Chapatis, Khichdi Made Of Millets In Mid-Day Meals
The millet mission: The popular grain is back in focus thanks to govt’s policy push
PM Modi calls for people's participation in fight against climate change
El Nino chances rise, India sets up contingency plans
Dr Sameer Bhati, Director, Star Imaging has been appointed as a Member of FCI's consultative committee
Great to discuss Millets and their importance in Ugandan culture.
Save Mission Millet before it crashes
The millet mission: The popular grain is back in focus thanks to govt’s policy push
PM Modi calls for people's participation in fight against climate change
Great to discuss Millets and their importance in Ugandan culture.
Sadhguru & Radhe Cook A Ragi Dosa Together | Millet Recipe
National Dairy Research Institute launches Bajra Lassi
Millet cultivation in India: History and trends
Cultivation of Coarse Cereals
The millets march
Tamil Nadu rolls out Millets Mission for 5 years to revive use and increase production of health grains मिलेट मिशन: 2.5 करोड़ किसानों को होगा सीधा लाभ, बढ़ेगी इनकम
How ICAR scientists are turning the humble millet into a 'luxury' ingredient
Rare scented sorghum, Bundelkhand’s gift to India, in year of millets. Potentially a gold mine
Indian Army to reintroduce millets in rations of soldiers
ICAR makes pitch for MSP on millets
Why is 2023 the International Year of Millets? What do we achieve by celebrating such years?
A more expanded vision is needed to promote millets
Humble millets can ensure food security, nutrition to India’s vulnerable communities
In India, Millets Have Become ‘Quiet Revolutionaries’
Sow the seeds
Push for Permanent Disaster Aid? Sorghum Producers Seek to Secure Stronger Safety Net in the Farm Bill
Yogi Govt Change In Varanasi కాశీలో ప్రసాదాలు మార్చారు
Government to soon launch seed traceability system: Agriculture Minister
ये रोटी आपको बिना दवाई सारी बीमारियों से बचा सकती है , जानिए क्या ख़ास है इस रोटी में
The Sunday Read: With the grain
International year of millets: Centre to work on decentralised processing & marketing
Gulfood l International Year of Millets l Dubai
Siri Dhanyagalu Kiru Dhanyagalu - A Millet Celebration Song by Kiru
Millets to be part of mid-day meal in schools of 12 districts in Chhattisgarh
In Punjab, a farmer returns to his roots, turns torchbearer for millets
Baiga Woman Turns Hut Into ‘Beej Bank’ for 150+ Rare Millets, Named Brand Ambassador
Why millets in India?
Why 2023 is the year of millets
As centre of excellence, IIMR to share best practices in ‘Shree Anna’
Sakshi :: Funday Cover Story
An off-beat way to popularise millets
Success Story : लहरी बाई के जुनून की कहानी, एक कमरे के झोपड़े में बनाया बीज बैंक, यूएनओ तक पहुंचा नाम
Budget 2023 | Government to support Hyderabad-based millet institute as centre of excellence: FM Sitharaman
Millet revolution is ensuring nutritious diet... Here's how!
Reviving intercropping system, millet cultivation earned this Himachal farmer Padma Shri
Millet Mission. Centre estimates 8-fold increase in millet procurement as 9 States launch mission programme
Millet Mela in Belagavi from today
ITC launches Mission Millets to drive consumption and empower farmers
Mapped: How the Energy Crisis Impacts Global Food Insecurity
27-yr-old tribal woman builds bank of 150 rare millet seeds in MP’s Dindori
Kenya declares war on millions of birds after they raid crops
NDDB, Amul, NAFED to be among promoters of national cooperative society for organic products
Millet walk in Ballari tomorrow
Food subsidy critical for achieving SDGs
Six millet-based recipes to try this Pongal
Three multi-State societies to procure and distribute seeds
Millets का जादू, Diabetes को जड़ से खत्म कर मिसाल बनीं Lata Ramaswamy | Diabetes Diet | Kisan Tak
International Year of Millets 2023 | #MilletsKhazana |
Hyderabad: International Year Of Millets -2023 To Be Launched At GITAM
Fighting food insecurity
Launching International Year of Millets 2023
International Year Of Millets (IYM) 2023 Kick Starts With Focused Activities
Centre approves Uttarakhand's millet procurement plan
Kiren Rijiju Says, People Should Include Millet Food In Their Regular Diet
Millet Now, a company that is trying to create a revolution in millet cultivation
Mudda Aapka : Superfood Millets | सुपरफूड: मोटा अनाज | 20 December, 2022
Ministry Of Agriculture To Organize A Millet Food Festival In Parliament On Dec 20
Tata Soulfull's Vision & Mission: Prashant Parameswaran Exclusive | Storyboard 18 | CNBC-TV18
5 key pillars that will drive India's growth transformation
Andhra Teacher’s Indigenous Grain, Edible Cups Use Rice & Ragi; Earn Rs 10 Lakh/Year
How Odisha is revalorising minor millets
Inspired By India’s Millet Man, I Quit My Job to Create Millet Empire Worth Rs 1.7 Cr
This international year of millet 2023, know the miracle powers of millets
2023 to be huge opportunity for the Indian farmers and exporters to expand to global markets
Mission Millets
Millets, a food choice for the future, says PM
FAO Opening Ceremony of International Year of Millets 2023 held in Rome, Italy
Piyush Goyal to attend Millets-Smart Nutritive Food Conclave on Dec 5
IYOM-2023 will provide an opportunity to globally promote millets as nutritious cereals: Narendra Singh Tomar
New Delhi: A pre-launch celebration for International Year of Millets will be held tomorrow
The Gradual Rise And Use Of Ancient Grains
India pushes millets to tackle supply uncertainties, climate change
IYOM-2023 will provide an opportunity to globally promote millets as nutritious cereals: Narendra Singh Tomar
A move to millets will have huge health benefits
Centre formulates an action plan to promote exports of millets
Going Local with Women Farmers: Kodo-Kutki Cultivation Through SHGs
APEDA aims to raise millets export to ₹2,000 cr by FY26
Meet This 59-Year-Old Farmer From Himachal Who Is Preserving Traditional Style Of Farming, Indigenous Seeds
How rural women are helping sustain the economy of millets
APEDA to promote Indian millets abroad, targets $100 m export in FY24
Sairam Rudrabhatla’s Post
After Rs 2808 Cr For Millet Mission, Odisha To Celebrate November 10 As Mandia Diwas
Millet consumption survey provides largest baseline for India
MoU signed between Dept of Agriculture and NAFED to boost International Year of Millets (IYOM)-2023
Mapped: The 3 Billion People Who Can’t Afford a Healthy Diet
The Green Revolution Has Limited Our Farmers' Climate Resilience : Debal Deb
MAGNESIUM...For Your Heart, Arteries, Brain, Blood Sugar & More | Dr. Mandell
Centre’s food, public distribution dept to serve millet food in canteens, meetings
Millets: ancient crops for the future
Pakistan and India’s Common Enemy: Malnutrition
Millets vs Malnutrition: Reviving The Super Crop Via Nutrient-Rich Meals at Odisha’s Anganwadis
Why you should choose millets for your Navratri fasting diet
Kalsubai Millet and Traditional FoodSteps Towards Healthy Lifestyle..
FAO side event on International Year of Millets (IYOM) 2023 held during the GB-9
Narendra Singh Tomar emphasized importance of crop diversification to meet growing demand for food grains
PM Modi's remarks at SCO Summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Centre’s food, public distribution dept to serve millet food in canteens, meetings
International Year of Millets 2023: India taking the Lead
Sorghum: The Plant that Keeps On Giving
Another reason to celebrate bajre ki roti: Indian scientist wins award for fortifying millet
Pigeonpea seed coat has six times more calcium than milk: ICRISAT
Millet crop is the best solution for climate smart agriculture
Assured price for kodo, kutki cheers Chhattisgarh farmers
Millet Conclave Raichur Karnataka
Ministry of WCD
Adopt millets as preferred crop choice: PM Modi to farmersc
Make Way For Millets
Craze for millets growing but farmers still not enthused by the prospect
भारत, विश्व में, #Millets का सबसे बड़ा उत्पादक देश है।दुनिया भर में पोषक अनाज (मोटा अनाज) के महत्त्व को बढ़ावा देने के लिए भारत InternationalYearOfMillet2023 मना रहा है।
Flavonoids from sorghum plants kill fall armyworm pest on corn, may protect crop
Benefits of uncultivated greens
India's Food Security Is Thanks to the Green Revolution. Let Us Not Deny It
Check out benefits of including millets in your diet
As Modi Calls for Organic Farming, Can India Afforg, Can India Afforg, Can India Afforg, Can India Afforg, Can India Afforg, Can India Afforg, Can India Afforg, Can India Afforg, Can India Afforg, Can India Afford a Radical Shift?
NRAA proposes policy to accelerate growth of rainfed agriculture
A Delicacy : Daal Baati Churma
Climate resilient millets boost livelihood opportunities for Odisha’s tribal women
Why millets are key to addressing gluten grievances and managing Celiac disease
International Year of Millets
Want to age gracefully? Include more legumes in your diet
Now, Apollo Hospitals serves a range of millet dishes for patients
AP farmers adopt Guli ragi for enhanced production
Ragi Modak Bags Best National Millet Recipe Award
Kerala seeks ragi instead of wheat from Centre
Why Sorghum Is About To Be Used In US School Lunch Programs
Wheat alternatives to combat the food crisis
Soil health and its relationship with food security and human health to meet the sustainable development goals in India
How a transition back to hardy millets could solve several crises that India is grappling with
'India Needed $16.5 Billion For Biodiversity Conservation between 2017-2022. All we had was $10 Billion'
Feminisation Of Agriculture: Women In Farming Must Be Backed By Legal And Social Infrastructure
Reviving cultivation of a traditional crop
Science Says This Millet Protects Your Heart: 3 Easy Recipes To Try Inside
Mighty millets: Underrated powerhouse of nutrients
The spread of millet from East Asia to Central Europe
Farm ponds as an agent of rural transformation
Calling all foodies: this one’s for you!
The Indigenous Food Cafés Transforming Local Cuisine
Tribal women preserving indigenous seed varieties
Climate resilience, good yields and steady income: The benefits of a diversified farm in Maharashtra
Mainstreaming pastoralism for green growth
“Beej Gram” scheme makes farming financially viable
CBBOs & FPOs To Play Major Role In Doubling Farmers Income: Agri Minister
Government is Providing 50% Subsidy on Agriculture Machinery & Equipment Through Token System
50 years of traditional crop conservation a success but some crops still lack protection
Young Indian farmers are turning to an ancient crop to fight water stress and climate change
Improving the yield and quality of the grain called 'finger millet'
Anushka Sharma Says Yes Ka Time Aa Gaya | Slurrp Farm Millet Noodles
‘Terra Viva’: Vandana Shiva’s memoirs guide us through her ecofeminism and food sovereignty activism
What are millets and can they help create global food security?
Scientist Rediscovers Ancient Indian Pesticide, Helps 100s of Farmers Improve Soil
Covid lockdown forces Adivasis in MP to go back to their roots
Global Strategy for the Conservation and Use of Genetic Resources of selected millets
A New Appetite for the Old Grain
Our Food, Their Food : Issue 02 May 2022 The World’s Food System Is Too Dependent on Wheat
Indigenous Food: The Not-So-Secret Ingredient For Sustainability
पुन्हा अवतरावे भरडधान्याचे युग
A better millet for potential iron deficiency
Opinion: Revive cultivation of ancient grains
Millet seeds, a powerful weapon against hunger
From traditional practice to top climate solution, agroecology gets growing attention
10 Millets To Include In Your Diet
Adapting Indian agriculture to climate change
Millet: The super food for combating food and water security
Be the Champion of Tribal Organic Farmers!
Soil organic carbon content fell from 1% to 0.3% in 70 years in India: NRAA
Millet cultivation is becoming a sustainable favourite of young farmers in Punjab
Millet promotionb webinar.. Maulana Azad Urdu University Hyderabad
Millets will be ₹1 lakh crore business: Patanjali's Baba Ramdev
Millets never had ‘marketing gurus’ like rice, wheat. Thanks to Modi govt, now they will
‘I’ve Experienced Hunger’: Millet Man Builds Rs 1 Cr Biz, Makes Nutrition Accessible
“Natural farming in millets- A Revolution in Indian Agriculture
ಸಿರಿಧಾನ್ಯಗಳನ್ನು ಬೆಳೆದರೆ ಎಷ್ಟೆಲ್ಲಾ ಲಾಭ ಗೊತ್ತಾ..? Millets farming techniques
The architects of Green Revolution from T.N.
Science Says This Millet Protects Your Heart: 3 Easy Recipes To Try Inside
Story of Millet village
NIFTEM-Thanjavur - Webinar on Business Opportunities in Millet Processing
Govt expects millet exports to increase exponentially in coming years
Exports of millets to increase exponentially as Indian exporters find new markets
Reviving the Traditional Millet Based Bio-Diverse Agricultural System in Phek District, Nagaland
Need to strengthen millet farming policies
Millets: APEDA Plans to Double its Footprint in 100 Countries
2022-23 announced as ‘International Year of Millets’; know more about the ‘superfoods of the future’
Want to boost your child’s growth? Replace rice with millets, says India-led nutrition study
Millets to Mappillai Samba Rice, Chennai Woman Reinvents India’s Ancient Grains
‘India should rediscover millets which meet nutritional and climatic needs'
Why I switched to eating grandma's food
Millet Magic and Benefits: ज्वार-बाजरे को Superfood क्यों कहा जा रहा है (BBC Hindi)
Millets can boost growth by 26-39%, reveals study
Millets have much in store
The return of ‘naati’ ragi
An indigenous community in Meghalaya offers lessons in climate resilience
|Importance Of Millets in Kannada|Millet Recipes|Siridhanya|
Traditional staples ragi, jowar go mainstream as consumers resolve to eat healthier
2023ರ ಸಿರಿಧಾನ್ಯ ವರ್ಷಕ್ಕೆ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕದ ಕೊಡುಗೆ ಹೆಚ್ಚಲಿ: ಶೋಭಾ ಕರಂದ್ಲಾಜೆ
India becoming destination country for healthy foods like millets: Tomar at G-20 agri meet
झारखंड में मिल्लेट्स फसलों को बढ़ावा देने के लिए शीघ्र विशेष रणनीति बनाएगा बीएयू
Best Millet Promoting State Award goes to Odisha Millet Mission in 2021
`ஊட்டச்சத்து பாதுகாப்பு சிறுதானியங்களில்தான் இருக்கிறது!" - மத்திய வேளாண் அமைச்சர்
Centre taking steps to achieve nutritional security: Agri Min Tomar
Millets in daily diet will fight malnutrition: Agriculture Minister
India To Take A Leading Position In Production Of Millets: Union Agriculture Minister
LIVE: హెచ్‌ఐసీసీలో 3వ జాతీయ చిరుధాన్యాల సదస్సు.. పాల్గొన్న కేంద్రమంత్రి తోమర్
कृषि मंत्री तोमर ने पोषक-अनाज हितधारक महासम्मेलन का किया शुभारंभ, कहा- PM मोदी का लक्ष्य देश को दुनिया में सिरमौर बनाने का
हैदराबाद में पोषण वाटिका कार्यक्रम: कृषि मंत्री तोमर ने IIMR और MANAGE की 71 छात्राओं का किया सम्मान
प्रधानमंत्री मोदी का लक्ष्य बदलाव लाकर देश को दुनिया में सिरमौर बनाने का : तोमर
Govt taking steps to achieve nutritional security: Agri Min Tomar
कृषि मंत्री तोमर ने पोषक-अनाज हितधारक महासम्मेलन का किया शुभारंभ, कहा- PM मोदी का लक्ष्य देश को दुनिया में सिरमौर बनाने का
हैदराबाद में पोषण वाटिका कार्यक्रम: कृषि मंत्री तोमर ने IIMR और MANAGE की 71 छात्राओं का किया सम्मान
Hyderabad: India To Take A Leading Position In Production Of Millets: Narendra Singh Tomar
UNGA Adopts India’s Resolution To Declare 2023 As International Year Of Millets
Promoting Nutri-Cereal (Millet) Farming in India -- Dr. Abhilaksh Likhi
Cakes, tarts come to MP tribal village as state promotes local millets
Best Traditional Millet Recipes of the Tribals of Koraput and their Perception
Integrated Farming
A depreciating diet
India advances 20% ethanol-blending in petrol to 2025, says PM Modi
India’s Andhra Pradesh creates history with Dry-Sowing in desertification-region
Millets prove tasty solution to climate and food security challenges
Efficacy Trials of Sorghum based Composite Flour Mix on the Blood Glucose Levels of Experimental Induced Hyperglycemic Rats
Humble millet battling with craze for Quinoa
From aiding weight loss to improving heart health: Know the many benefits of jowar
What is Millet and Why the Miracle Grains are grown in Koraput
10 Innovative Millet Business Plan – A Profitable Agribusiness Idea for Startups in India
Crop diversification to address the water crisis in Punjab
Millets name in different languages makes it easy for Identification
Benefits of millets and their role in increasing immunity
Himachal Farmer Revives Ancient Crop System That Saves 50% Water, Has 0 Input Costs
Apeda agriculture and processed products exports jump 24% in FY21
Increased farm work negatively impacts women’s nutrition: study
Symptoms After Going “Gluten Free”? Here’s Why
రాగి జావ.. కొర్ర బువ్వ..జొన్న రొట్టె..!
Breaking new ground: World’s longest running farm study adds to organic-inorganic debate
The Green Revolution was built on manipulating genes to breed higher-yielding, disease resistant crops. Here’s an ode to one of its pioneers, Sanjaya Rajaram
Leveraging digital platforms for disseminating health and nutrition information during COVID-19: reflections from Project Samvad in India
Three ways farms of the future can feed the planet and heal it too
India exports organic millets grown in Himalayas to Denmark
Fonio: A New Gluten-free Grain
Genomic diversity in pearl millet inbred lines derived from landraces and improved varieties
Effect of parboiling on decortication yield of millet grains and phenolic acids and in vitro digestibility of selected millet products
Nagaland: How endangered are indigenous crops?
Immunity Boosting is the Key | More Corona Waves Awaiting | Dr. MS Reddy Interview || Idi Sangathi
Truths on Corona Virus | Revealed by World Famous Virologist Dr MS Reddy | ETV Exclusive
Assam, West Bengal among 8 states highly vulnerable to climate change: Report
A millet beetroot dosa recipe for healthy Sunday snacking
Table-to-farm approach will create healthier U.S. melon supply chain
Addressing the nutrition crisis: Reflections from Odisha Millets Mission
Enjoy crisp dal pakwaan with barnyard millet this weekend (recipe inside)
Humble ragi back in demand, production doubles in two years
Making Indian food systems sustainable
Here’s All You Need To Know About The Superfood ‘Millet’ That Is Good For Consumption, Planet And Farmers
All the reasons why the versatile Indian millet should be your go-to superfood
Marne se bachenge
How millet production can empower women farmers, strengthen agriculture
‘Millet-based products set to gain increasing acceptance’
Millets pose production and consumption challenges; MP’s Dindori project shows the way forward
Bihar farmers take up makhana farming to cope with weather uncertainties
5 Miracle Millets for Diabetes to add to your Diet
Food Safety regulation - Millet Perspective
Grain for Green Era
10 Health Benefits of Millets will make you fall in love with it
వ్యాపార వేత్త‌లుగా ఎదిగేందుకు | Nutrition Hub Good Opportunity to Grow as an Entrepreneur | 10TVAgri
5 Millets for Babies – Better to Include in the Diet
Karnataka’s efforts put millets on global map
खाएं इनके आटे से बनी रोटियां, बीमारियां होंगी दूर, हड्डियां बनेंगी मजबूत
Sorghum a Wonder Grain for New Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs
ಎಲ್ಲರು ತಪ್ಪದೇ ಎರಡು ನಿಮಿಷ ನೋಡಿ
The Magic of Millet
Usage of Millets in an Extensive Way | to Live Healthy &Fit | Zaheerabad Youth Creating Awareness
This Story on Millets will Enhance UR Mood!
How to Start Millet Startups Business
Finger Millet Production- Important Factors and Constraints
Frederic Guedj @Guedjsorghum Tweet DID YOU KNOW?
Wheat or millet: Which roti should you have?
INDIAN MILLETS: HEALTH BENEFITS + How to include in diet | Millets vs Rice and Wheat Nutrition
ICAR-KVK Kalaburagi-I#Health benefits of Sorghum milky grains
Millet Marvels: A Hyderabad restaurant that pushes millets as alternative to rice, wheat
Inventory of Indigenious Technical Knowledge in Agriculture (Document 2 Supplement 2)
Odisha Millets Mission extends lessons for other states, nations
Vizag Man Sells Millet idlis Wrapped In Leaves, Helps A Tribal Community
Imbalances in India’s cereal economy need more than a short-term fix
Benefits Of Jowar | ज्वार किन किन बीमारियों में फायदेमंद !
ಸಿರಿಧಾನ್ಯಗಳು- ಬರಗಾಲದ ಮಿತ್ರ -ಹುಲಸೂರಲ್ಲಿ ನವಣೆ ಬೇಸಾಯ
SUSAG Millet Sisters Success Story
Jowar puffs or sorghum sticks — take your pick from a variety of yummy and healthy snacks Hyderabad's Mego offers
APEDA organizes VBSM with FPOs of APDMP and Millet’s Exporters
Siridhanya Thali hints good food is good health.
Meet the Man Teaching Farmers How to Grow 12 Crops a Year to Defy Droughts & Floods
Indian Women Turn to Ancient Grains to Feed Their Families and Their Futures
‘The soil does not need poison to kill pests’
NITI Aayog hails millet revival in Odisha
Sorghum Grain: From Genotype, Nutrition, and Phenolic Profile to Its Health Benefits and Food Applications

Dr. Mangla Rai Ex. D.G. ICAR, Pusa on the post harvest suggestions for farmers
System of Corp Intensification SCI in Punjab - Ragi Finger Millets
Chapatis of Pearl Millet For A Changing Climate
New millet variety gains popularity
Polyphenol from millet bran increases the sensitivity of colorectal cancer cells to oxaliplatin by blocking the ganglioside GM3 catabolism
Semantic Segmentation of Sorghum Using Hyperspectral Data Identifies Genetic Associations
Why invest in Research & Development for sorghum and millets? The business case for East and Southern Africa
The College of agriculture and forestry, Pasighat is implementing the ‘Millet cultivation project’ in Arunachal Pradesh
5 Miracle Millets for Diabetes to add to your Diet
Genetic Autoimmune Disease
Breathing New Life to Ancient Crops: Promoting the Ancient Philippine Grain “Kabog Millet” as an Alternative to Rice
APEDA strategizes action Plan for promotion of Millets products with IIMR
Indian Women Turn to Ancient Grains to Feed Their Families and Their Futures

The State of Food and Agriculture 2020 - Overcoming water challenges in agriculture
ICRISAT, ICAR-IIMR launch 'Millet Finder'
Newly launched millet food finder shows a revolution is underway
Millet Testimonial at Hulsoor, Karnataka
Millets are panacea for lifestyle disease : Dr Vilas A Tonapi
Diabetes Diet: This Bajra-Cauliflower Roti May Help Managing Blood Sugar Levels
Immunity-Boosting Diet: Bajra Til Ki Tikki In Winters To Ward Off Cold And Cough
Restore agriculture’s broken link with nutrition. That is solution to India’s hidden hunger
Traditional rice varieties are nutritional powerhouses
From plate to plough: Sowing nutrition security
Nutrient Requirements for Indians - Recommended Dietary Allowances
How India’s nutrition security can be improved
Farm revolution 2.0
Amazing 9 Millets Health Benefits
Best Millet Processing Machine in 2020
The Future Of Food Systems And Food Security
The Future Of Food From The Sea
A UK Startup Is Recycling Coffee Waste Into Biofuel
Immunity Boosting Healthy Dinner Recipe – Baked Salmon
Promotion of the production and consumption of nutri-cereals is a policy shift in the right direction
Millets Program at Hulsoor
SIRI to set up integrated millet food processing unit in Telangana
उपवासाचा क्रिस्पी डोसा आणि चटणी | Upvas Dosa chutney Recipe | Crispy Dosa | Fasting | Vrat Recipe
Reviving the Magic of Millets for ‘SuPoshan’ in the Modern Era
Polyphenols from Pennisetum glaucum grains induce MAP kinase phosphorylation and cell cycle arrest in human osteosarcoma cells
कुरकुरीत उपवासाची भजी | Cripsy upwasachi bhaji | Farali pakoda।Farali pakora | Fasting Pakoda | Vrat
Promotion of the production and consumption of nutri-cereals is a policy shift in the right direction
Andu Korrala momos || browntop millet momos | eat millets in a different and delicious way!!
The millet rises
Is the Environment for Taking From or for Giving To A Young Indigenous Economist Finds Answers in His Own Culture
Indian meals big enough but not balanced
NutriCereals - Millets - Can be Global Game-changer
Benefits Of Jowar | ज्वार किन किन बीमारियों में फायदेमंद !
Gandhiji's Vision and Achievements of ICAR
Navaratri special Doodhi Sama
A complete millet kitchen in Visakhapatnam
Let’s milletify the regular aloo methi: Try jowar methi ki sabzi this week
Now, millets covered under crop insurance scheme in Kerala
बाजरी कोरोनावर का ठरतेय उपयुक्त ; आणखी आहेत फायदे
What India eats - ICMR-NIN
Eat Millets. Live Disease Free! | Anandmurti Gurumaa (with English Subtitles)
The goodness of millets
Odisha Millet Mission
Local Names of Weeds
Refined sorghum flours precooked by extrusion enhance the integrity of the colonic mucosa barrier and promote a hepatic antioxidant environment in growing Wistar rats
Millet revolution: Important to debate implementation

Meet the Man Teaching Farmers How to Grow 12 Crops a Year to Defy Droughts & Floods
50 years on, millet makes a comeback in Odisha’s Keonjhar district
Lockdown brings new business prospects for millet farmers in Idukki
Jowar roti making Machine/Chapathi & Paratha making Machine/Atomatic roti maker
'Startups incubated by DST generated 65,864 jobs, created around Rs 27,262 crore wealth'
The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2020
Oats, ragi or jowar atta: What's better for weight loss?
All About Millets! - Foodshaala Foundation
The Magic Of Millets
How Vishala Reddy is bringing millets back into vogue — and she's 'banking' on it big time!
Farmers turn to millets as a climate-smart crop
Are Millets Good for Babies??
FPOs - The Game Changer
In India, an ancient grain is revived for the modern era
Agri exports beat Covid-19 trouble to record increase, Govt sets up export promotion forums for eight farm produce
Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra (ICAR) - India's Scientific Glory (E)
There’s biodiversity in our backyard and it can help us fight malnourishment
How farms across India are banking on native grains and hope to reap a good harvest
Water crisis: Need to shift from rice to millet cultivation, says Amitabh Kant
How millet farming empowers women
Bajra dosa, Pearl millet dosa fermentation method
Cruel legacy of Green Revolution? Covid-19 underscores 'risky, fragile' food system
Cultivating millets could be a way forward for achieving food security in India
Genetic and genomic resources, and breeding for accelerating improvement of small millets: current status and future interventions
Understanding immunity: How to boost it during Covid-19
Important Constraints and Factors in Production of Finger Millet
Odisha set to introduce locally produced millets into ICDS, PDS
Glycemic index of millet based food mix and its effect on pre diabetic subjects
Making Migrants Prosperous: SAI Way of Dealing with Covid19
Millets of Mewar - Millet Aloo Tikki
Finger Millets to Grow Long Thick Hair fast | Hair Regrowth | Jagan Guruji | Hair Fall | SumanTV
7 Reasons Ragi makes the perfect healthy evening snacks for kids
Boost your immunity with this sorghum millet chaat and moringa buttermilk
Centre takes steps to bring the farmer closer to the market
Coarse is fine: Food policy can help cereals like bajra, ragi and maize make a strong comeback
ఈ 3 ధాన్యాలు తినండి బీపీ, షుగర్ ఒకే దెబ్బకు పారిపోతాయి || prakruthi vanam prasad garu
Solution For ACIDITY with Ragi Flour || PrakruthiVanam Prasad Garu || Gold Star Entertainment
History of Land Grant Agricultural Universities in India
Blockchain, AI, IoT: How India can help farmers by leveraging these technologies
ICAR-CIFT Prevent Covid 19 - Do's and Dont's - at Office & Res. Labs
Siridhanyalu by (Dr. Khadar)
Traditional Knowledge of Nutrition Ages Better! - Millets Malt (Sattu) to the Rescue - Serve the Under-served
The importance of immunity in today’s world
Making Markets Work for Farmers During and After the Lockdown
Millet entrepreneurs emphasise for maintaining quality of food in COVID-19 crisis
Lessons for future collaborators
Strong immunity is a key weapon in the fight against Covid-19
jowar roti recipe | jowar bhakri recipe | jowar ki roti | jolada rotti recipe
Amazing Hyderabadi Ladies Selling Healthy Jowari Roti @ 15 Rs
Produce more coarse grains to meet pandemic nutrition challenge
Recognise millets as foods of future
Types of Millets and its health benefits
FPOs ask for mandi fee waiver in order to sell directly on eNAM
Immunity-booster ragi is the rage now
“A Discussion on Diet During COVID-19 Lockdown” – An Interview with Prof Sumantra Ray, Founding Chair & Executive Director, The NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health in Cambridge (UK)
To get health right, India must focus on nutrition
Ragi for rice, greens for milk: Old Mysuru returns to barter
Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture Network (RRAN)
Government of Odisha to plan distribution of 93000 Quintals of Ragi procured under Odisha Millets Mission (OMM)
8 documentaries on climate change you need to watch now
Farmer Producer Organization – Way forward to succeed
Eco Roots bags Rs 50 lakh grant under Karnataka govt’s Elevate/Idea2POC
6 reasons to eat millets everyday
Government of Maharashtra to study “Odisha Millets Mission” to initiate similar State Millet Mission
Millets – One of the Many Ways to Food Security
Does Fermentation Really Increase the Phenolic Content in Cereals? A Study on Millet
Shilpa Shetty makes jowar roti; here’s why you should have it too
First millet-meals scientific study in schools shows millets boost child growth by 50%
Make millets part of mid-day meals: MHRD to states
TheHitavada :: CM reviews work plan of Millet Mission
Hard-coated grains tough to process: Farmers
Against the grain: why millet is making a comeback in rural India
Nutrition and the Budget’s fine print

Journey of ICAR since 1929: Record speaks for itself
VIDEO: Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor talks about the best Indian superfood and the key to a healthy life

NSI signs MoU with IIMR for bio-ethanol production
Kanpur : किसानों की आय बढ़ाने के लिए MOU साइन || Knews
पेट्रोल में 10 फीसद बायो इथेनॉल के सम्मिश्रण को बढ़ावा देने के लिए राष्ट्रीय शर्करा संस्थान और इंडियन मिलेट रिसर्च इंस्टीट्यूट, हैदराबाद के बीच एमओयू
Return of indigenous crops helps reduce farm distress and restore ecosystems
Millets Gaining Ground As Healthy Options For Those Suffering From Lifestyle Diseases
Study on millet-meals in schools shows millets boost child growth by 50%
Govt must introduce millets in mid-day meal scheme: Amitabh Kant
With climate change, bajra could be Gujarat’s crop of the future
Yield is good for millet farmers of Kottampatti
This North Girl Combined a South Twist and Millets to Found a Healthy Startup!
Millets in South MP: A Tale of Government and CSO Apathy

The climate change threat to nutrition
2,570 रूपये ज्वार एवं 2,000 रूपये प्रति क्विंटल पर बाजरा किसान 27 दिसम्बर से बेच सकेंगे

Organic Super food milltes
Fresh From Farm To Plate: How A Think Tank In Bhubaneswar Is Creating New Space For Millets In Its Backyard
Vizag Man’s Leaf Millet Idlis Make His Startup a Food Sensation!
Doubling Farmers Income: Strategies for Rainfed Agriculture"
Less Rice and More Nutritious Crops Will Enhance India’s Food Supply, Study Says
ಸಂಶೋಧನೆ ಯಶಸ್ವಿಯಾದರೇ ಹಿಂಗಾರಿನಲ್ಲೂ ಭರಪೂರ ಬೆಳೆ... ಚಾಮರಾಜನಗರಕ್ಕೆ ಪೂರಕವಾಗಿದೆ ಹಲವಾರು ಹೊಸ ಜೋಳದ ತಳಿ
Climate change is affecting women's contributions in Asia and Africa: Study
Eating locally grown food is good for your body and the environment
CRISPR-edited sorghum could provide needed protein to 500 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa
Learning from success: What’s working in the fight against malnutrition?
“We Need a New Economic Model, the Planet is Overburdened” – Mikhail Gorbachev
'Non-Dairy Millet Ice Cream' is Not Only Tasty But Nutritious
How millet farming empowers women
Bengaluru: State to introduce millets in mid-day meals in 2020
36-YO Woman Smashes The Patriarchy, Grows 25 Varieties of Millet With Rainwater! Dash of turmeric holds key to beating superbugs
Say Happy Diwali with Millet Laddoos
Smallholders cultivating Millets to make their food production climate resilient
Delicacies made from organic millets a big hit in Pudukkottai this Diwali
Restored wastelands would improve livestock economy

Climate Change Could Lead to Major Crop Failures in World’s Biggest Corn Regions
Can Food Reverse Disease
Nutrition survey: Children show early signs of diabetes, high cholesterol
Basics of Health: According to Naturopathy
The man who fed the world
World Food Day 2019: FAO Calls for Boosting Millets to Fight Malnutrition
मीठी चरी से सस्ता एथेनॉल बनाने का तरीका खोजा
Need of the Hour: A Holistic Approach to Food and Nutrition Security
‘Nutritional security is a key aspect of Sustainable Land Management, especially in rain-fed agriculture’
a e s a Sharing, learning & networking for innovation
Indigenous farming practices failing as climate change disrupts seasons
Sowing the seeds of climate crisis in Odisha
Healthy Diets for a #ZeroHunger World!
Wild Greens To Wild Grains
Heirloom crops, indigenous varieties are making a comeback
Jowar beer all set to shake the market?
Understanding Different Millet Species | German Millet, Proso Millet, Japanese Millet

Give a healthy twist to your palate with this millet salad
Anandmurti Gurumaa on Millets

Greta Thunberg - How to Mitigate Climate Change
Odisha Rural Development and Marketing Society to develop market link for ragi
Acceptance and Impact of Millet-Based Mid-Day Meal on the Nutritional Status of Adolescent School Going Children in a Peri Urban Region of Karnataka State in India
Millets gain currency
Millet revolution: Important to debate implementation
India knew farming 5,000 years ago: Study

Modi govt tasks agriculture council to ready crop plan for the entire country
The food revolution : Trends disrupting the food industry

How a millet revolution in India will ensure a nutritious diet
5 Millet Street Food Recipes You Must Try for Guilt-Free Snacking
Modak, Puranpoli & Laddu: 5 Millet Recipes To Kickstart Your Ganesh Chaturthi!
ITC's Aashirvaad launches Millet Flour under Nature’s Super Foods.
Why millets are important for nutritional security? : Millet benefits
Add some millet magic to your little one’s tiffin
There’s bajra in my beer!
“Katul – The Little Millet Beer” – Traditional Beverage of the Indigenous Kutia Kondh Community of Odisha
Multi-cropping has economical and agronomic benefits
Malnutrition-struck Maharashtra turns to millet to enrich tribal health, lifestyle
Wind Pollinating sorghum with a helicopter !! Coolest thing ever !!
Alternative Grains Can Help India Allay Impact of Global Heating on Agriculture
State boosts mid-day meals with millets
How selling cereals is actually exporting water
Here is how millets can make India’s food basket climate-resilient
Multi-layer farming can help in doubling farmers’ income: Minister
‘Very High Burden’ Of Child Malnutrition Seen In UP, Rajasthan, MP, Bihar, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Says Harvard Study
India is the highest user of groundwater, but with only 8% of rainwater being captured.
Reviving traditional harvesting systems can unlock 6,000 crore litres of water
The soil does not need poison to kill pests
India Must Shift Rice Growing East From Punjab & Haryana To Prevent Desertification
Recycling resources in agroecological farms – June 2019 Issue 21.2
‘Clean water is a luxury we cannot afford’
Drought-resistant crops in focus at monsoon seed festival
Agricultural reforms and urban accountability key to water management
Remote hamlet in Mahabubnagar shows the way in tackling water crisis
Effects of fermented Sorghum bicolor L. Moench extract on inflammation and thickness in a vascular cell and atherosclerotic mice model
Glycine rich proline rich protein from Sorghum bicolor serves as an antimicrobial protein implicated in plant defense response
Millets and other ancient grains have been brought into the PDS system as well: Prashant Parameswaran
FSSAI to bring in new labelling norms for gluten-free products
1KG Ragi@1Re
Odisha to offer millet in public distribution system
Rise of Millets
Millet Sushi and Pumpkin Pineapple Dip recipes: An innovative way to add more millet to your platter
A complete millet kitchen in Visakhapatnam
OPINION: Wild relatives of pearl millet can take the heat
Why fasting could be the key to anti-ageing
Nearly half our calories come from just 3 crops. This needs to change
Dietary fat: From foe to friend?
How India gave us the zero
We talk about artistic inspiration all the time – but scientific inspiration is a thing too
These are the three biggest threats facing humankind today
What’s really behind ‘gluten sensitivity’?
Sadak Se Sansad: In Telangana, 'Weather-Insured' Agriculture to Avoid Agrarian Crisis
Indigenous Wisdom to Combat Food Security & Climate Change
Indian Consumers are Increasingly Challenging the F&B Market in the FMCG Sector
Rich In Protein And Fibre, You Must Include This Grain In Your Diet For Quick Weight Loss
Study needed on millet inclusion under PDS
From next year, millet to be part of midday meal
Rainfed farmers are the most neglected
As millets turn food of choice in cities, traders reap a rich harvest
New schemes to improve production of millets, paddy
This 15-YO Boy’s Millet YouTube Videos Will Make You Healthy While Helping Farmers
The return of millets as a 'superfood'
‘Study needed on millet inclusion under PDS’
For 20 years, an annual festival of millets showcases the ‘old crops’
Much ado about millets in Telangana
We Need To Focus On Water Budgeting To Address Drought, Says Bain Capital’s Amit Chandra
Dietary diversity, behaviour change in Indians key to better health and environment
Data-driven social enterprises can boost farm incomes
Minimum Basic Income For Farmer
Farmers’ collectives: Taking Farmer Producer Organisations beyond ‘romance’ to ‘relationships’
Eat provincial, drink probiotic this year
Youth should learn our millet heritage, says Justice Surya Kant
Shift to coarse grains from rice for healthy, environment-friendly diet: Study
Dietary diversity, behaviour change in Indians key to better health and environment
As millets turn food of choice in cities, traders reap a rich harvest
Early Chinese May Have Eaten Millet Before Rice
2019’s biggest food trend may see chefs bringing their own culinary cultures to restaurant kitchens
Production of nutrient-enhanced millet-based composite flour using skimmed milk powder and vegetables
Veg recipes of Karnataka
Food Yatra: Ahobilam Foods serves food made only from Millets - Express TV
Diabetic due to poverty
MP Woman Turns Organic Farmer, Helps Village Go Chemical-Free & Now Earns Lakhs!
How the millets stack up
Nutritional and Nutraceutical Properties of Millets: A Review
Wild cousins of finger millet show promise of parasite resistance
Farmers turn to millets as a climate-smart crop
Ragi to riches
A millets revival could solve India’s malnutrition problem
International Year of Millets slotted for 2023, India thanks FAO for endorsing its demand
Finger Millet – Ragi (Eleusine CoracanaL.) "Let's Promote for Building A Healthy Society and Diabetic Free World"
Karnataka pushing millets as smart food for 21st century; check out the massive benefits
Through Schools and the PDS, the Humble Millet Is Battling India’s Health Problems
As Asians get healthy, ‘smart crops’ replace rice on menus
Is Millet the Future of Plant Meat?
New centre to help farmers become climate resilient
Gujarat’s ‘super foods’ make a comeback
Dharwad College’s Initiative Spurs Students to Eat Millets & Earn Money From It Too!
Nutrition On My Plate
Nutritional and Nutraceutical Properties of Millets: A Review
Millets can work magic on diabetes: Study
Mounds of Nutrition in Millets
How farmer producer company model can transform Indian agriculture
Dr. Khader Vali Article 1 / Article 2
Association mapping by aerial drone reveals 213 genetic associations for Sorghum bicolor biomass traits under drought
Indians dislike modern breakfast cereals. A startup wants to change that — with a 4,000-year-old grain
Millets get a leg up as year-long festivities kick in
India Millet Mission campaign to begin in September
Best Indian breakfast recipe for weight loss: Eat Ragi Idli to lose weight and get flat abs in 2 weeks
Madhya Pradesh's century-old millet finds few revivalists
Extruded sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) reduces metabolic risk of hepatic steatosis in obese rats consuming a high fat diet
Comeback Cereal
Agriculture minister proposes to FAO to declare the year 2019 as International Year of Millets
From Weight loss to stronger bones : 5 health benefits of Millets
Ethiopia releases new, perennial sorghum variety
Meet The Students Who Are Changing Lives Of Millet Farmers Through Their Enterprise ‘MANRAM’
Attappady makes the most of millet
Replacing rice, wheat with ‘less thirsty’ crops could help India save water, improve nutrition, says study
Nutrition Famine: What’s On Our Plate?
Quinoa Or Millets: Which One Is Healthier?
Humble millet is the latest 'superfood', but experts advise moderation
From Weight Loss To Stronger Bones: 5 Health Benefits of Millets
India declares millets as nutricereals
Centre notifies Karnataka's millets as nutri-cereals
Experts urge Centre to launch national millet mission soon
Millets and Sorghum: Forgotten Foods for the Future
Centre to buy Millets at MSP
Coarse grains better than rice for health, environment
From Green Revolution to Millet Revolution
2018 National Year of Millets
The millet magic
How millets have resurfaced as a hip ingredient and now served in fine dining eateries
Budget allocation for food processing doubles to Rs 1,400cr
Millets in Daily life Style Recipe Book
According To Godrej Food Trends Report Indian Cuisine And Millets Are About To Blow Up in 2018
Why millennials are key for Europe's health-food marketeers
Millets, organics take centre stage at international trade fair in Bengaluru | The News Minute
Millet Mission to promote nutrient-rich cereals; ₹800-crore outlay on the cards - The Hindu Business Line
2018 to be observed as National Year of Millets
Inner Being among shortlisted for Amazon Launch Pad program
Millet, the new sunrise sector
Now, get high on millet beer, literally
India’s Millet Makeover: Addressing Nutritional Shortfalls
Use millets, bid bye to lifestyle disorders: Surgeons, nutritionist
Mumbai Road Show
As Karnataka pushes for millets, here's why they are the "21st cerntury smart food
Through Schools and the PDS, the Humble Millet Is Battling India’s Health Problems
5 yrs after Food Security Act, poor Indians to get millets at Rs 1/kg
Millet on menu: Jowar rotis’ popularity surges, late-night sales save the hungry
Feature - Organics & Millets 2018 - International Trade Fair

The Call - Kannada - Organics & Millets 2018 - International Trade Fair

Explore Agriculture, Postage Stamps, and more!

Karnataka pushing millets as smart food for 21st century; check out the massive benefits

Finger Millet – Ragi (Eleusine CoracanaL.) "Let's Promote for Building A Healthy Society and Diabetic Free World"
Bengaluru women replace junk food with millet-based nutri-foods to become independent entrepreneurs
Birdseed Turned Superfood May Help Curb India’s Diabetes Scourge

Cotton being cultivated at the cost of other crops: millet farmers
India asks UN to declare 2018 as International year of millets
India urges UN to declare 2018 as 'International Year of Millets'
Millets aren’t just healthy, they could also hold the answer to food security challenges
Comeback Cereal
K'taka advocates using millet to combat food shortage, to host international fair..
Millet Securing Lives
Learn how to make non-dairy milk from millet
Karnataka to host trade fair on millets in Bengaluru
Popularising millet cultivation through biodiversity festival
6 kodri recipes

Karnataka spearheads millet cultivation revival in the country

Expect big jump in millet production in TN this year
Karnataka to organise trade fair on organics, millets
Centre, Karnataka push for international year of millets
Karnataka takes the lead in lobbying with FAO for an ‘international year of millets’
Karnataka makes a global pitch for millets
A hardy millet yields its genetic code

More focus on nutrition, millets and convergence
Quinoa in your kheer

Attappady region sows millet dreams
Thoroughly modern millets
Karnataka’s millet intake relatively high: Study

The great nutrient collapse

Meal with millets on the hills of Bargur

Smart Food selected as a global LAUNCH Food innovation

This Startup Works on Social Objectives of Bringing Back Millets to Daily Diets World Over and Supporting Millet Farming and Farming Communities

Workshop On Millet Foods For Dieticians And Chefs, Day 1: An Overview
Millets aren’t just healthy, they could also hold the answer to food security challenges
A ‘mixie’ that separates the millet from the chaff
Free food products database
Four new food products that are disrupting traditional supply chains
Sorghum chakli, rich in nutrition
Birdseed Turned Superfood May Help Curb India’s Diabetes Scourge
Plant scientists aim to turn sorghum into jet fuel

With pastures for cattle shrinking, India may have to import milk by 2021

Popped Sorghum: India’s Healthy Popcorn Alternative
How food can cure terminal diseases, here is an example from Bengaluru!!!

Why should we eat millets 

Essential Sorghum Recipes

Time to explore tech, policy shift of green revolution to new

The Celiac Surge

5% GST on hulled grain may hit millets hard
12 Health Benefits of Millet

Bringing back millets - the super crop of our ancestors

City-based millet incubator to be boon for farmers, entrepreneurs

How Karnataka is transforming state’s humble and traditional food into an urban delight
6 reasons to eat Millets everyday

An overview of millet processing

A little more detailed overview of millet processing

A summary of the small millet processing material flow diagram

Getting to know : (Size) Grader

Getting to know Destoner or Density Grader

Getting to know : Huller or dehusking machine

Millets can work magic on diabetes: Study

Start-up’s big hit: ‘Kiru’ cookies

A Forgotten Group Of Grains Might Help Indian Farmers – And Improve Diets, Too

Small grains make it big

They will run 13 miles in 13 cities over 13 days to promote millets

Millets : Amazing food grains
The 5th National Convention on Millets was held on November 29-30, 2016 at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library(NMML) at Teen Murthi Bhavan
Be ready to grow climate smart crops: Swaminathan

The Case for Millets : Despite Calls by Scientists and Activists, the course Grain remains unavailable under PDS
Is sorghum the new quinoa? Meet the trendy super grain you need to try

Drought-hit Karnataka gives demand-push to millets

Effect of sorghum consumption on health outcomes: a systematic review

Millets Are An Important Source of Nutrition: Experts

Millet May Be the Next Super Grain

Farmers and consumers may have caused the Cauvery crisis: will there be Millet Revival?

Millet revolution begins churning in TN

Rediscovering forgotten flavors

A Superfood Kind of Navratri: Day 2 - Cooking With Samai (Little Millet)

Foxtail Millet Porridge

Kodo Millet Burger

Cooking Tips 101: How to Use Bajra to Make More Than Rotis

Cooking Tips 101: Delicious Ways to Use Jowar Flour

Cooking Tips 101: How to Use Ragi Flour Like Never Before

7 Best Ragi Recipes

Grains are Great but Should You Mix Them?

The seeds have been sown for a millet revolution

Winning the battle against hunger, silently

Creamy Millet Milk in a Rice Cooker
Simple quality tests for Small Millet Rice

The sorghum effect: increasing income and opportunity for farmers in Kenya
Recipes in Kannada

A millets revival could solve India’s malnutrition problem
Include millets in regular diet, say experts
Sorghum and millets in human nutrition
Millets: Future of Food and Farming
Processing and Technology for Millet Based Food Products: A Review
Millet Nutrition, Benefits & Uses: Your Guide to this No-Gluten, High Vitamin B & High Calcium Grain-like Seed
A Millets Revival Could Solve India’s Malnutrition Problem, Benefit Farmers
Reviving millets could solve India's malnutrition problem, benefit farmers (Special to IANS)
Consider millets in PDS: Maneka Gandhi writes to Ram Vilas Paswan
Magic Millets: Stop fretting over quinoa and switch to millets. They make for a healthier and cost-effective option
They chose millets to avoid a millstone
Mission millets
MILLETS-Healthy, gluten-free, responsible eating
No quinoa for me, thanks!
Millet Recipes
Millet Miracle
FAQ | Millets
Magic of Millets – Article in Deccan Herald
Millets need a comeback for a more sustainable Indian …
Millets based processed foods
The ancient, climate-smart millet is back on our plates: Comeback Cereal
Minor millets in South Asia
Sorghum Is the New Quinoa! 3 Top Chefs Share Their Most Mouthwatering Recipes
Cook with sorghum to add simple goodness to your meals
Whole Grain Primer: 5 Ways to Use Sorghum This Summer

Ragi, millets are most nutritious: Experts
Health Benefits of Millet (A Gluten-Free Grain from India)