NIELAN – Technology Business Incubator (TBI)

(Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, GoI)

Encouraging the budding Entrepreneurs to promote the growth of Nutricereals (Millets), the Climate Resilient Future Crops


ICAR-Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR), the host institution, is the nodal agency to work on all aspects of millets research and development in the country under the auspices of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). It was established at Hyderabad in 1958. It has conducted extensive research on all aspects of crop improvement, production, protection and promotion including millet value chain, from farm to fork i.e. agri-inputs to end use consumption.


NIELAN is The Technology Business Incubator “Nesting Incubation and Entrepreneurship for leveraging agri-innovations in Nutri-cereals – hosted by the ICAR – Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR), Hyderabad – NIELAN TBI is located in Hyderabad which is culturally cosmopolitan where the highest rate of diabetes is recorded in the country and promotion of millets as functional food will be profoundly welcome.

Our Vision

“Converting innovations into start-ups by incubating any enterprise which ensures climate resilience, nutritional security and equitable prosperity through agriculture, primarily Nutri-cereals.”

Our Services & Focus Areas

NIELAN shall become a focal point where ideas, entrepreneurs, experts, the academic and the funding agencies shall gravitate towards creation of a new knowledge based economy. ICAR-IIMR through its TBI would like to contribute to the success of the National Innovation system, by providing the right ambience and infrastructure for nurturing innovation, technical skills and entrepreneurial talents of thousands millets stakeholders.

The NIELAN TBI has the requisite expertise available in-house in the relevant focal areas of Nutri-cereals and also proposes to conduct at least 88 events ranging from Sensitization Workshops, Boot Camps and Company Management Seminars. The incubator is well connected with transport and communication system horizontal dissemination of millets promotion and commercialization across the country.

Selection of Incubatees…

The focus for incubation admits would support the following:

  • Small and Micro India Entrepreneurs with a vision and idea to scale up
  • Budding first time Entrepreneurs / new start up ventures
  • Spin Offs from University or other R&D Centers
  • Any other new entrepreneurial idea which the NIELAN TBI on nutricereals needs incubation to achieve the vision

The strengths of NIELAN TBI on Nutricereals to be established will be:

  • Proximity to millet growing areas
  • Easy access to potential entrepreneurs having agri business ideas for evaluation and incubation
  • Overall business environment of the location and ecosystem in the region
  • Will effectively provide linkages to funding technology and managerial skills
  • Networking with SHG’s corporate, traders, processors, food industries and policy makers and researchers.

News on Nutricereals Conclave 2018 held on 17 March 2018:

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NIELAN TBI under the dynamic leadership of …

Dr Vilas A Tonapi -Director ,
IIMR & President, NIELAN TBI
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Dr B Dayakar Rao -Principal Scientist,
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Dr Sangappa - Scientist,
IIMR & Treasurer, NIELAN TBI
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