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Ms Revati D

Ms Revati D

Designation: Assistant Chief Technical Officer (Computers) | At IIMR Since: 1997

Email: revati@millets.res.in, d.revati@icar.gov.in |  Mobile:9490934181

Phone(O): +91-40-24599311 | Fax : +91-40-24599304

Academic Qualifications

M.Sc (Computer Science)

Work Experience:

  • Building the official Web site, www.millets.res.in, and collection, compiling the web-site contents, designing the pages, maintaining, updating the information and hosting them to the website.
  • Designing and maintaining the intranet web page which shares all the important data in the network.
  • Statistical analysis of AICSIP data since 1997, uploading AICSIP data and report files in website since 2002 till date.
  • Maintained on-line leave management system package for multi-users over LAN for 14 years from Sep 2002 to Oct 2016 and re-activated from August 2017.
  • Developed Bill Tracking Information System and published them in August 2013. It is presently followed by the Administration and employees getting information about their bills. We can track the bill at any point of time.
  • HYPM activities of PME Cell from 2012 to 2016.
  • Imparted training to Sh Sandeep Dhagat, Technical Officer (Computers) from Directorate of Weed Science Research, Jabalpur on IIS and in-house online leave software for 2 days, 17-18 July 2012.
  • Developed Crop database for displaying recommendations of hybrid / Variety for a particular district in a particular state. The cultivar details can be fed on-line to the database
  • Member of various institutional committees

Publications / Books

  • Published article on “Bill tracking information system” in ICAR News Vol 19 No.4, Oct-Dec 2013 Issue.  Also published in Hindi Magazine, Jowar Sourab.
  • Article on “बिल अनुगमन सूचना प्रणाली” is published in our Hindi magazine “ज्वार सौरभ. Pg No. 54-55. Vol 4 2013
  • Published article on “On-line Leave Management System” under New Initiatives in ICAR NEWS, APRIL-JUNE 2012 Issue.
  • Published article on “on-line leave management system” in Hindi in Trin Sandesh, 9th Issue, DWSR, Jabalpur.
  • Published Hindi article फसल प्रबंधन सूचना प्रणालीin ज्वार सौरभ. Pg 44-47. Vol 2 2011

Conference / Seminar / training Attended:

  • Training Programme on ”Introduction to Bioinformatics”, November 08-21, 2016 at IASRI, New Delhi
  • Attended workshop on “Unified Messaging & Web hosting solutions” in NAARM on 5th Dec 2015.
  • Attended workshop on “NKN: At the core of Cyberspace” at JNTU, Hyderabad from 21st-22nd Jan 2015.
  • Sensitization cum Training workshop on HYPM on 13th February 2012 at NAARM, Hyderabad.
  • Attended “Gahan Hindi Karyashaala” from 21-Feb-11 to 25-Feb-11.
  • “Networking and Web Hosting” at NAARM, Hyderabad from 2nd – 3rd Feb, 2010. Demo presentation of our website and intranet was given in the workshop to a group of 40 IT officials from various ICAR institutes.

Certified that above facts are correct and I have repeatedly edited and verified to my full satisfaction.

Revati D

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