Regional Stations

Centre for Rabi Sorghum, Solapur

To focus special attention on rabi sorghum research, ICAR established the Centre on Rabi Sorghum at Solapur (Maharashtra) in 1991. However, the Centre became fully functional from 1997 after a Scientist joined at Solapur. The mandate of the centre was to develop suitable rabi sorghum varieties / hybrids for medium-shallow soils adapted to that region and develop improved production technology for enhancing productivity of rabi sorghum.

Geographically the site lies at 17o 04' N latitude and 75o 54 E longitudes, placed at an altitude of 476.5 meters above mean sea level. The office-cum-laboratory building was constructed during the year 2000. At present ,the staff quarters are being constructed in Shelgi block. The research farm of the centre is spread over a total area of 18 hectares at two nearby locations (Shelgi and Mulegaon) in Solapur. The Shelgi farm has 8 hectares of irrigated land and the farm in the village of Mulegaon has 10 hectares of rain fed land.

How to reach CRS, Solapur:

Nearest Airport Nearest Airport Pune (250 kms)
Nearest Railway Stations Solapur, Junction Trains from Poone and Hyderabad pass through Solapur
Nearest Bus Stations Solapur
(Hyderabad- Poone National Highway # 9 )
Solapur to CRS Office / farm 4 kms from Bus stand
6 kms from Railway station

Officer In-charge:

Dr. Baswaraj Raigond, Sr. Scientist,

Centre on Rabi Sorghum (IIMR)

NH 65 road, Shelgi,

Solapur-413 006.

Maharashtra, India

Tel: 0217-2992765


Off-Season Nursery (OSN), Warangal

IIMR, formerly DSR, has established farm research facilities at Warangal within the ANGRAU research farm. The main objective of this facility is to provide off-season nurseries for sorghum workers, especially those located in the northern India who cannot raise a sorghum crop during winter (Hisar, Pantnagar, Delhi, Mauranipur, Udaipur and Indore centres of AICSIP). However, advantage is also taken to use this facility for testing some specific breeding material useful for the region such as forages and dual-purpose sorghums. This location is also suitable for use for screening against stem borer and salinity.

How to reach OSN, Warangal:

How to reach OSN, Warangal:

Nearest Airport Hyderabad (150 kms)
Nearest Railway Stations Warangal; Khazipet Junction
Nearest Bus Stations Warangal; Hanmakonda
Warangal to OSN Office / farm 7 kms

Dr P Rajendra Kumar
Principal Scientist, Officer In-charge

Sorghum Off-Season Nursery (IIMR)

ARS Campus, Mulugu Road,

Warangal-506 001,

Telangana, India.

E-mail: rajendra[at]millets[dot]res[dot]in

Tel: 040-24599326