Decision making process (including channels of supervision and accountability)

Directorate of Sorghum Research is a unit of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Director of the Institute shall exercise the powers for functioning as delegated by the Governing Body or any authority of ICAR. Powers are delegated to the Director vide letter No.F.11(4)/75-Cdn.(A&A) dt. 01.04.1977 and modified vide order No. 6-2/90-Cdn(A&A) dt. 04.02.1993, 28.05.1993 and 29.03.1994 and OO No.6-3/92-Cdn (A&A) dt. 28.07.1992.

The procedure indicating in Manual of Office Procedure (MOP) for decision making is complied within the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Accordingly, Assistant Administrative Officers take action with the help of staff (Assistant, UDC and LDC) posted in their Section in accordance with the departmental instructions prescribing the level of final disposal and channel of submission for each category of cases. The AAOs disposes cases at their level for which they are empowered and submits the file to the Administrative Officer/Finance & Accounts Officer who in turn submits the file to the Director of the Institute. Notwithstanding the fact that the Director has the authority to exercise all functional and disciplinary and other powers. He has delegated certain administrative and financial powers to subordinate functionaries and/or individuals.

The final authority in the decision making process rests with the Director and in certain matters, the final authority rests with Director General, ICAR.