Public Information Officers

Names, Designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers

At IIMR there are Four Public Information Officers namely

  1. Smt. Ritu Dalal, Senior Administrative Officer & CPIO - Providing information regarding Administrative and Financial matters.
  2. Dr K V Raghavendra Rao, I/c FAO - Providing information regarding Audit and Accounts matters.
  3. Dr.D.Balakrishna - Providing information regarding Scientific issues.
  4. Dr.K K Sharma, Pr.Scientist - Providing information regarding Administrative, Financial, Scientific and Technical matter pertaining to CRS, Solapur.

The above information are given in brief and it is to be read with the concerned / relevant rule books.

In case of any doubt, the Senior Administrative Officer, IIMR can be contacted on Phone number 040-20020077 (O).