Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility

Crude Fiber Analyzer

Instrument Details

Make: Gerhardt, Germany
Model: Fibretherm FT 12
Specification:Fibertherm is a system for the fully automated boiling and filtration process during crude fibre ADF and NDF determination. Up to 12 samples can be digested and filtered simultaneously. Fibertherm has control Panel, Glass ceramic heating area, Protective hood, quick clamping handle, drip tray, Electronic and pump cabinet, boiling vessel with grip.

Working Principle

Sample containing a mixture of Fibre components, cellulose, hemicellulose and Lignin is quantified. Samples are digested and filtered with fully automated methodology.


1. Plant samples, grains, stems, leaves, forage and fodder
2. Determination of Cellulose, Hemicellulose and Lignin

User Instructions

1. Finely ground sample is to be provided
Contact Us: Dr. C V Ratnavathi

Phone: 040-24599328

User charges, GST at the rate of 18% extra
  Industry University National Labs  
Cellulose, hemi- cellulose and lignin Rs 1600 Rs 600 Rs 1000 Per sample

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