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Falling Number

Instrument Details

Make: Bastak, Turkey
Model: Bastak-5000

The device has 20 function buttons. On the screen of the device, date, hour, interior temperature of the device, measuring mode and operation status of the device (running, printing, stop… etc.) can be displayed. The outside dimensions of the device are 360x560x440 mm and its net weight is 11 kg.
The Falling Number System measures the alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grains and flour to detect sprout damage, optimize flour enzyme activity and guarantee soundness of traded grain. Alpha-amylase activity is crucial for final product quality of bread, pasta, noodles and malt. Anyone handling wheat, barley, rye or sorghum intended for these applications will benefit from the Falling Number system.

Working Principle

The Falling Number is defined as the time in seconds required to stir and to allow a viscometer stirrer to fall a measured distance through a hot aqueous meal, flour or starch gel undergoing liquefaction due to alpha-amylase activity.

The device automatically measures enzyme activity in flours and wheat. FN measuring mode is used for determining natural alpha amylase enzymes. FFN measuring mode is used for determining total (micro-biological + natural) alpha amylase enzymes. Changing from FN mode to FFN mode or vice versa can be made by single button. The device automatically adjusts the boiling temperature according to the elevation.


1. Wheat flour, Composite flour

User Instructions

1. Use only distilled water for filling boiling chamber and sample preparation.
2. Use only thermo paper for printing.
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Parameter Industry University National Labs/R&D's  
α-Amylase Activity Estimation & protein quality estimation Rs 2000 Rs 500 Rs 1000 Per sample

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