Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Instrument Details

Make: Thermo Scientific
Model: iCE 3500
Specification: Double beam optics, Acetylene flame, Lamps for Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Ca, Mg

Working Principle

Samples with solubilized minerals are nebulized and aspirated in to hot flame through which element specific light is passing through. The absorbance of light by atoms in the flame is measured and used for quantification of mineral content in sample.


1. Mineral content in food, feed, and soil samples

User Instructions

1. Sample should be clear without particles
2. 5 ml of solution for each element
Contact Us: Dr. Venkateswarlu Ronda

Phone: 040-24599319

User charges, GST at the rate of 18% extra
  Industry University National Labs  
AAS of solutions Rs 800 Rs 300 Rs 500 Per element
MD-AAS Rs 1600 Rs 600 Rs 1000 Per element

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