Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility

Dietary Fiber Analyzer

Instrument Details

Make: Foss Analytical, Sweden
Model: FibertecTM1023
Specification:FibertecTM1023 system consists of 1023 filtration module together with the 1024 shaking water bath.

Working Principle

In the filtration module the sample is filtrated, washed and dehydrated. The 1023 filtration module combines efficient batch wise filtration of digested solutions with collection of the filtrates. The digestion is performed in a special designed incubation flask and the flask is then converted to a filtration funnel


1. Plant samples, grains, stems, leaves, all kinds of foods
2. Determination of total dietary fibre, soluble dietary fibre and insoluble dietary fibre.

User Instructions

1. Finely ground sample (10g) is to be provided
Contact Us: Dr. C V Ratnavathi

Phone: 040-24599328

User charges, GST at the rate of 18% extra
  Industry University National Labs  
Cellulose, hemi- cellulose and lignin Rs 1600 Rs 600 Rs 1000 Per sample

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