Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility


Instrument Details

Make: Sartorius stedim biotech, Germany

Model: BIOSTAT R Aplus (Vers: 03 BB-8843839)

Specification:Fermentation of sugars in the desired samples to ethanol, methanol etc. Fermentor is complete unit with stirrer drive motor, Culture vessel including fitted headplate, agitation system, heating blanket, measurement probes, Sampling system and harvest bottles, air cylinder and required software installed in computer (laptop).

Working Principle

Fermentor uses the prin ciple of fermentation of sugars in the sample to ethanol or any desired compound using the yeast or any specific organism. Fermentor facilitates the conversion of sugars into ethanol


Fermentation of sugars of plants, molasses, fruits and any other samples which need fermentation by the user

User Instructions

1. Samples must be prepared and made ready for aerobic fermentation.

2. Microorganism for fermentation and other protocol specific to the samples should be provided.

3. Samples must be more than 2 Litres.

Contact Us: Dr. CV Ratnavathi

Phone: 040-24599328

Genotyping charges, GST at the rate of 18% extra
  Industry University National Lab/R&D’s  
Fermentation for two times Rs 5000 Rs 1500 Rs 3000 Each sample per compound

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