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Instrument Details

Make: Metrohm, Switzerland
Model: 892 professional rancimat
Model Heating Temp. Range Temp. Correction Max. Deviation Reproducibility Temp. Fluctuations Gas flow range Conductivity Measurement
892 pfrofessional Rancimat Two individually heated aluminum heating blocks 50 - 220 °C -9.9 - +9.9 °C ±0.3 °C Typically better than ±0.2 °C Typically less than 0.1 °C 1 - 25 L/h 0 - 400 µS/cm

The 892 Professional Rancimat is a computer-controlled measuring device for determining the oxidation stability of samples containing oil and fat.
It is equipped with two heating blocks each with 4 measuring positions. Each block can be heated individually, i.e., 4 samples can each be measured at two different temperatures or 8 samples at the same temperature. The measurements at the individual measuring positions can be started individually for this. The 892 Professional Rancimat is controlled by means of the StabNet computer software and a computer that is connected via the USB interface.

Working Principle

In the Rancimat method, the sample is exposed to an air flow at a constanttemperature between 100 - 140 °C. Highly volatile, secondary oxidationproducts (for the most part formic acid and acetic acid) are transferredinto the measuring vessel with the air flow, where they are absorbedin the measuring solution (distilled water). Here the conductivity is continuouslyregistered. The organic acids can thus be detected by an increasein the conductivity. The time until these secondary reaction products occuris referred to as the induction time or induction period, which is a goodcharacteristic for the oxidation stability.


Oxidation stability of vegetable and animal oils and fats
Examination of the effectiveness of antioxidants
Oxidation stability of oil and fat-containing foods and cosmetics

User Instructions

1. Sample should be in form of oil.
2. The induction time should always be more than 100
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Parameter Industry University National Labs/R&D's  
Rancidity estimation Rs 2000 Rs 500 Rs 1000 Per sample

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