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Instrument Details

Make: Brookfield, USA
Model: CT 650AP,R/S
Model Temperature range low Temperature range high Controller Cooling Temperature Stability
TC-650 AP -20˚C +200˚C AP Refrigerated 0.01 ˚C
The R/S+ will measure viscosity of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian materials in controlled shear rate (CSR) or controlled shear stress (CSS) modes. The instrument can measure simple viscosity at a given speed or shear rate, or measure flow properties with a flow curve at shear rates up to ~1,200 sec-1. In controlled stress mode the instrument can do a direct yield test (stress ramp) and indicate elasticity with creep/recovery tests.

Working Principle

The Rheometer R/S+ is a rotational steady state controlled shear stress rheometer which can be operated in controlled shear rate mode. Concentric cylinders, measuring cones and plates are available as measuring system. The measuring sample is positioned in measuring gap between the stationary measuring cup and the rotating measuring bob (Searle-principle), respectively between the rotating cone or plate and the stationary lower plate (cone/plate, cone/cone measuring system). The measuring drive developed for this instrument operates with a high dynamic precisiondrive- system with optical encoder without gearinng and without mechanical force transducers. The R/S+ measuring drive can operate at a pre-set of speed (shear rate) or pre-set of torque (shear stress). Measurements may be made in manual mode (without PC) or under PC control with software RHEO3000. Note that creep measurements require computer system with software RHEO3000 Both CSR and CSS measurements can be carried out manually (without PC support) or with a computer system and software RHEO3000.


Various industries like Dairy, Chocolate, Pharmaceuticals, Sauces and syrup, Pesticides etc.

User Instructions

Use only distilled water for sample preparation. After every experiment remove the water from the temperature controller water bath to lower the temperature.
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Parameter Industry University National Labs/R&D's  
Viscosity Estimation Rs 2000 Rs 500 Rs 1000 Per sample

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