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Instrument Details

Make: Rudolph Research Analytical, USA

Model: AUTOPOL 880

Specification:Estimation of sucrose /Sugars in percentage by saccharimeter in plant samples using standard sucrose. Automatic Digital Saccharimeter provides 0.01°Z repeatability and accuracy, time proven measurement technology and the critical features necessary for sugar analysis. Using 26% sucrose solution the sucrose concentration and 0 Z is calibrated in the instrument.

Working Principle

Saccharimeter measures sucrose in percent. For the measurement the instrument works on the basis of refractive index. There are different analytical techniques for the determination of Sucrose. It brings increased precision, accuracy, speed of analysis and simple operation.

The built in Refractive index correlation converts the standard sucrose and calibrates sucrose in the sample. The instrument is calibrated with the analysis of std sucrose solution. Thus the instrument ensures maximum reliability of the results. This method finds greatest utility in finding out percentages of sucrose in plant samples, fruits, beverages, sugarcane juice and sweet sorghum stalk juice.


1. Plant parts
2. Organic compounds
3. Agricultural samples (Fruits and vegetables)
4. Food samples
5. Your Samples for sucrose estimation

User Instructions

1. Samples must be pure and clarified. turbidity should be removed
2. Samples must be more than 5-10 mg
3. Liquid samples should be 5 - 12 ml
Contact Us: Dr. CV Ratnavathi

Phone: 040-24599328

Genotyping charges, GST at the rate of 18% extra
  Industry University National Lab/R&D’s  
Small organic molecules Rs 3000 Rs 1000 Rs 2000 Each sample per compound

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