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Texture Analyzer

Instrument Details

Make: Brookfield, USA
Model: CT3 50K
Specification: Load : Range - 5- 50000 grams, Resolution – 5.00gms, Accuracy - ±0.5% FSR (Full Scale Range).
Trigger point:range –5- 5000gms
Speed: 0.01 to 0.1 mm/s in increments of 0.01 mm/s, 0.1 to 10 mm/s inincrements of 0.1 mm/s, Accuracy: ±0.1% of set speed
Position: Range: 0-101.6 mm, Resolution: 0.1mm, Accuracy: 0.1mm
The CT3 is universal testing machine that offers both compression and tensile testing. It can calculate, through compression and tensile data, a number of physical properties that have proven to be highly correlated to human sensory evaluation of food and other consumer products. With six built-in test modes and ten memory slots for operator-protected tests with administrator rights, a wide choice of accessories and software package, the CT-3 is perfect for most any physical testing requirements (springiness, chewiness, hardness etc,). The CT3 performs like a high end texture analyzer.

Working Principle

The Brookfield CT3 Texture Analyzer can be operated in either compression or tension modes.
In compression mode, a probe moves down slowly at pretest speed until a threshold value (thetrigger) is reached. The probe then moves a set distance at a set speed into the sample material thatis placed (or fixed) on the base table. The load is continuously monitored as a function of both timeand distance until the probe again returns to its starting position.
In tension mode, the sample is typically held between a pair of grips. The test starts when the triggerload is reached as the grips move apart. The load resistance as the sample is stretched or pulledapart is recorded as a function of both time and distance.


1. Biscuits, Bread, Cakes, Chocolate, Cookies, Crackers and Snack Foods

User Instructions

1. For good test repeatability, it is suggested that a clear and complete test method be developed. Probes should be maintained clean and properly.
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Parameter Industry University National Labs/R&D's  
Texture analysis Rs 2000 Rs 500 Rs 1000 Per sample

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