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Dr. Ganapathy KN

Dr. Ganapathy KN

Discipline: Plant Breeding | Designation: Scientist | At IIMR Since: 2009

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Academic Qualifications

Degree Institute / University Year of completion Subject(s) with major field
Ph. D University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore , Karnataka 2009 Genetics and Plant Breeding
M. Sc 2005 Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 2005 Plant Breeding and Genetics
B. Sc 2003 Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu 2003 Agriculture

Employment Record & Experience (Starting from the present position)

Designation Organization Institution & place of posting Period
(years, months)
Scientist (Plant Breeding) ICAR Directorate of Sorghum Research, Hyderabad 2009 to date  
Research Associate University of agricultural Sciences, Bangalore Dept. of Biotechnology July, 2008 to April, 2009 10 months
Senior Research Fellow University of agricultural Sciences, Bangalore AICRP on Pigeonpea February, 2008 to June, 2008 5 months
Senior Research Fellow University of agricultural Sciences, Bangalore AICRP on Pigeonpea September, 2007 to January, 2008 5 months

Current responsibilities:

  • Principal Investigator : Genetic improvement of Finger millet (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn)
  • Principal Investigator : Genetic improvement of Little millet (Panicum sumatrense Roth. ex Roem. & Schult.)
  • Nodal officer : AICRP-Sorghum (Trials and Nurseries)

Recent 3 major contributions:

  • Development and release of single-cut forage sorghum variety CSV 38F/Jaicar Hariyali
  • Associated with development and release of kharif grain sorghum hybrid CSH-41
  • Associated with development and release of single-cut forage sorghum variety CSV 32F
  • Associated with understanding mechanisms of drought tolerance in sorghum and finger millet, sequencing and submission of candidate gene SNPs to NCBI database
  • Standardized hybridization techniques in Finger millet and Little Millet
  • Sorghum genetic stocks SPV 2315 (Resistant to foliar diseases) and SPV 2389 (Forage quality) identified for NBPGR registration by Institute germplasm registration committee
  • LMV 518 Little millet entry completed 3 years testing and is being proposed for VIC
  • Decadal Indian sorghum genetic gain studies vis-à-vis other sorghum producing countries
  • Identified superior rabi sorghum cultivars for biscuit making under DSR-Britannia Joint Project.
  • Characterized sorghum mini-core collection for grain protein digestibility and grain quality traits.

Recent awards and recognitions:

  • Young Scientist Award-2016 by ICAR-Indian Institute of Millets Research
  • Editorial board member for Electronic journal of plant breeding
  • Reviewer for Euphytica and Australian Journal of Crop Science journals
  • Guided student for research work as part of their M Sc degree programme
  • Best Poster Presentation (first place) during Global consultation on Millets Promotion for health and nutritional security, 18-20 December, 2013.

Current collaborative activities:

  • Coordination of multi-location breeding trials across AICSIP locations

Recent most significant publications:

  • Harvinder Talwar* , Shiwesh Kumar , R Madhusudhana , KN Ganapathy , R Swarna , V Tonapi (2020) Variations in drought tolerance components and their association with yield components in finger millet (Eleusine coracana) Functional Plant Biology FP19274 Accepted 20 February 2020
  • Ganapathy KN*, Dayakar B, Rakshit, Vishala D, Venkatesh SC and VA Tonapi (2019) Variation in Nutritional and Shelf Life Parameters Among Rabi Sorghum Cultivars and Effect of Processing on These Parameters. Agricultural Research 8, 513–522
  • Ganapathy KN, Sujay Rakshit*, Sunil Shriram Gomashe, Suri Audilakshmi, Krishna Hariprasanna and Jagannath Vishnu Patil (2016) Genetic diversity in sorghum mini-core and elite rainy and post-rainy genotypes of India. Plant Genetic Resources: Characterization and Utilization (Cambridge Journals) 15(2): 127-137
  • ujay Rakshit*, KN Ganapathy, SS Gomashe, A Dhandapani, M Swapna, SP Mehtre, SR Gadakh, RB Ghorade5, MY Kamatar, BD Jadhav, IK Das and Prabhakar(2016) Analysis of Indian post-rainy sorghum multi-location trial data reveals complexity of genotype × environment interaction. The Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Cambridge Journals) 155(1):44-59
  • Sujay Rakshit*, M Swapna , Monika Dalal, , G Sushma, KN Ganapathy, A Dhandapani, M Karthikeyan and HS Talwar (2016) Post-flowering drought stress response of sorghum genotypes. Indian Journal of Plant Physiology, 21(1) 8-14

Book chapters:

  • Ganapathy KN, Dayakar Rao B, Sujay Rakshit, Gnanesh BN and Patil JV. 2014. Sorghum for health and Business. Sustainable agricultural reviews, volume cereals, pp 173-196, Springer Science+Business
  • Sujay Rakshit, Ganapathy KN and. Visarada KBRS (2016) Cytogenetics of Sorghum. (Eds) Sujay Rakshit and Yi-Hong Wang. In: The Sorghum Genome pp 47-76. Springer International Publishing AG (ISBN: 978-3-319-47787-9) (Print) 978-3-319-47789-3
  • Ganapathy KN (2017) Improvement in Finger Millet: Status and Future Prospects. In: Genetic improvement of Millets. Patil JV (Eds). 1002/9781119130765.ch3, Wiley Publications
  • Ganapathy KN (2017) Genetic improvement of little millet. In: Genetic improvement of Millets. Patil JV (Eds) 9781119130765.ch6 Wiley Publications
  • Ganapathy KN and Rajendrakumar (2015) Genomic development post-sorghum genome sequencing Sorghum. In: sorghum molecular breeding Madhusudhana, R, Rajendrakumar, P, Patil, JV (Eds.) Springer India Pvt Ltd

Popular/Technical articles:

  • Talwar HS and Ganapathy KN (2015) Climatic resilience of millets. Indian Farming 65(4)-31-33,
  • Dayakar Rao B, Nirmal Reddy K, Rajendra Prasad MP, Hymavathi TV and Ganapathy KN (2015) Creation of demand through value chain development in millets. Indian Farming 65 (4)69-71

Other professional activities:

  • Life Member, Indian Society of Millets Research,
  • Member of the ISO Certification for the quality management system in research and development (ISO 9001:2008)
  • Member of various institutional committees

Dr. Ganapathy KN