Expo 2020 Dubai | India Pavilion | Millets: Quality, it's Nutritional Benefits and Value Chain  1:50:50 
Testimonials of appolo hospitals served with millet dishes by millet marvels  41 Sec 
ETV Bharat Telangana 6.45 min 
India is celebrating ‘Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav’. ICAR has taken up ’75 lecture series’. The scientists, students or other interested audience may click this link to follow URL for joining any lecture
Procedure (video) to join these lectures  
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses webinar on implementation of Budget in agriculture sector (01 March, 2021)  1.41 min 
Nutri Millets tutor Youtube Channel  
Release Millet Varieties by Shri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India on 16th October 2020  4.48 min
A song dedicated to the importance of millets ... in Tamil by KVK PC from Pudukottai 4.28 min
பாரம்பர்ய விதைகள் சேமிப்பு, மதிப்புக்கூட்டல்... விவசாயிகளுக்கு வழிகாட்டும் ஆராய்ச்சிக் கழகம்! 17.50 min
Jaikisan TS | 2nd Dec'19 | భాగ్యనగరంలో ముగిసిన న్యూట్రీ సిరియల్స్‌ కాన్‌క్లేవ్‌ 2019 9 min
IIMR receiving Sardar Patel Outstanding award 3.00 min
Jowar (Jonna) Farming in Rice Fallows by Guntur Farmers : Paadi Pantalu | Express TV 8.19 min
Seed Production of Red Sorghum (Yerra Jonna) in Ankapur village - Nizamabad District | Paadi Pantalu 9.43 min
Edible cutlery made from Millets 3.39 min
Anantapur Farmers Get Best Profits with Andu Korralu Cultivation | Rythu Ratham | AP24x7 24.12 min
Organic Millet Cultivation | Farmer Vishnuvardhan Reddy Success Story | hmtv Agri 23.27 min 
PM talks about our old practices of using turmeric & Millet revolution & its nutritional value 4.44 min
Awareness On Millets Cultivation 23.28 min 
Cultivation Tips For Kharif Jowar 4.42 min
Jaikisan TS | 2nd July' 19 5.03 min
Monsoon delay | 12 Jun 19 13.47 min
Jaikisan TS | 8th June'19 6.35 min
Jaikisan AP | 5th June'19 11.31 min
Jaikisan AP | 19th Jan'19 | Millets is good for Krishna Delta after second crop by IIMR Scientist 8.44 min
Jaikisan AP | 12th Jan 2019 | IIMR visionary action towards bringing former glory to Millets  11.33 min
Jaikisan AP | 5th Jan'19 | Millets revolution will start soon said by IIMR Director 12.09 min
#ChiruDhanyalu #Millets Special Focus on Chiru Dhanyalu | Millets | Telugu News | hmtv 11.16 min
Special Focus on Millets Food to Prevent Modern Health Problems | NTV 26.29 min
Jaikisan AP | 18th Dec'18 |Natinal level Seminar on Millet processing & marketing in Bapatla by IIMR 7.40 min
Jaikisan AP | 13th Aug 18' | ICAR giving training to youth and women on Millet recipes 7.24 min
Director, IIMR speaking to the media on the occassion of National Unity Day 1.19 min
Mr.Prasad hilarious speech in MITS college regarding millets 10.51 min
Millet Mission By EcoSikh 4.33 min
Importance Of Millets | Awareness On Millet Cultivation | 13.42 min
Nutricereals conclave film 2018 3.40 min
Chinnarulu chirudhanyaalu 1.40 min
Rahuri : Annual Sorghum Meeting - Research on Red Sorghum Stressed 3 min
Vice President Venkaiah Naidu Speech At ICAR Researchers Meet In Agriculture University | V6 News 8.25 min
PM speech on millets 1.18 min
Let's Millet
Shri Krishna Byre Gowda, Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture, Karnataka
46 sec
Quinoa Nutrition Food Launched In Hyderabad 2.19 min
MILLET'S is Health Food Part 2
in Jaikisan News Channel
13.02 min
MILLET'S is Health Food Part 1
in Jaikisan News Channel
13.22 min
Eureka with Dr Vilas A Tonapi
Telecasted on 3 June 2017 in Rajya Sabha TV  
28.12 min
Raithu Nestam DD Yadagiri channel on 19 Mar 2017 51.17 min
Raithu Nestam Morning phone in live programme in DD Yadagiri channel on 19 Feb 2017  53.01 min
IIMR Foundation Day in T TV Urdu
on 9 Feb 2017
1.41 min
Jowar Jingle 35 Sec
Eatrite Jowar Aata 33 Sec
Eatrite Jowar flakes ad 33 Sec
Eatrite Jowar Pasta advertisement
Roti Making (in Telugu) 11.57
Sorghum production technology  27.52
Sweet Sorghum  19.19
Jowar - Health Meets Taste (in English)  12.44
Jowar - Health Meets Taste (in Hindi)  11.00
Jowar - Health Meets Taste (in Marathi)  12.47
Sorghum profile film  12.12